Ramos says Duterte’s rejection of climate treaty “is obviously wrong, & full of S…. T !!!.” Political scientist tells Duterte, “Forget Ramos!”

Former President Ramos aka FVR, one of the known personalities who convinced Duterte to run for president, has been very critical against Duterte lately.

On October 9, Rappler and other news organization ran an article centered on the statement made by the former President in the first installment of a two-part opinion piece for the Manila Bulletin and quote…

“In the overall assessment by this writer, we find our Team Philippines losing in the first 100 days of Du30’s administration – and losing badly. This is a huge disappointment and let-down to many of us.”

The statement made by FVR was received well by the critics of Duterte while the supporters of Duterte looked at it with contempt.

In another opinion piece written for the Manila Bulletin, former president FVR minces no words in giving President Duterte a tongue-lashing for repudiating the climate treaty and described it  as “obviously wrong, and full of S…. T !!!.”

As of this writing, Malacanang has not issued any comment on FVR’s tirade towards Duterte’s climate change policy.

In the meantime, political science professor of the De La Salle University has something to say about FVR and a short message to Duterte as a show of support.

Ramos is in a tantrum.

He thought he can order around the President just because of his support.

Ramos is rabidly pro-American.
Duterte is pro-independent foreign policy.

Ramos supports Leni Robredo.
Duterte is for Bongbong Marcos.

Ramos represents the past wanting to hold us and take us back.
Duterte is the present steering us to exciting and unexplored possibilities of a future.

Forget Ramos.

Netizens joined Dr. Contreras in rebuffing FVR via the comment section of GMA News’ post…

Jordan Lucas says: U supported Digong so u could control him well ur not..let him shine &make his own mistakes d way u did.so far I think he’s making d right moves so let him be…

AmorEi Esaga says: I sincerely wish he stops throwing stones because seriously he has a lot in his backyard to clean for himself. Be thankful you were president at a time when charging former presidents is not the trend yet because honestly u have the most obvious graft cases every Filipino is aware of.

Luisa Carreon-Carasig says: He pretends to know it all and talks of matters outside of his profession! He thinks he’s a military strategist and tactician. He thinks he is an expert in the environment. He even thinks he is a lawyer ngek toinks! Or a foreign service expert. Or an expert in human wrongs!

Mowjo Del Mundo Oibesue says: Oh come on FVR. You might wanna check the hypocrisy of America to sign this treaty when they are the biggest pollutant of this planet. We are only contributing -001 % of which equivalent to only one state of the US and yet we will be barred of economic growth because of environmental treaty? Your bigotry please.

Nhoy Pnoy says: Tama naman si PRRD may share tayo sa climate problem ang masama lang tau nag sa suffer sa effect neto na wala naman tayong big contributions doon..hahaiz si Manong isa din to ehh..ikaw nag push kay digong ngayon kinukuntra mo pano kasi parang feeling mo nma cocontrol mo sya dont use digong para itama ang kapalpakan mo sa kapabahonan mo…

Please share your thought on FVR’s unsavory comment against Duterte’s climate policy.

(c) Antonio Contreras


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