President Aquino draws flak from netizens for considering Martial Law in Sulu to fight ASG

As the heat intensifies against Pres. Aquino in light of the beheading of the Canadian hostages, Pnoy said he contemplated implementing Martial Law.

The President told the media that in the last three weeks, he was seriously considering implementing Martial Law, particularly in Sulu to fight the Abu Sayyaf terrorists.

It is no secret that President Aquino has a strong abhorrence to Martial Law since his father was incarcerated during Marcos rule for seven years.

The President made the admission during a press conference in Jolo, Sulu when asked by reporters. However, President quickly clarified that after weighing the pros and cons, he did not push through with it, as martial law might do more harm than good.

The Presidents Martial Law statement elicited mixed reactions from the netizens and mostly, adversarial.

Netizen Ching Plaza wrote:

Too late to copy! This is the problem with insincere leaders, they don’t care of their people’s plight who have long-been suffering from fears and dangers deprived of peace, safety and progress

Another netizen Lilia Tamura wrote:

Just go down and step aside. I thought you hate martial law!! ‘ just watch president Duterte to deal with them. Puro ka press release, if things went wrong, you blame previous president and duterte.. Ohhh what a…

Keith Rosales wrote a more insightful take on Pnoy’s dilly-dallying.

Shoulda, woulda, coulda.

The root cause why PNoy didn’t declare martial law is “self-preservation”. He does not want to be remembered as an AQUINO who declared martial law because if he did, he’d be like Marcos.

Netizne ‎Jose Ramon Villanueva‎ has a harsher take on Pnoy.

This copycat said, he considered declaring Martial Law in Sulu. But how could he since he is the best friend of Malaysian funded MILF terrorists? We all remember that Datuccan Abas (Malaysian) alias Mohagher Iqbal was the best friend of Ninoy who provided him a fake passport and the name Marcial Bonifacio before Ninoy (who was then residing in Danding’s house in Boston) left for the Philippines.

April Rose Bautista wrote:

He will not be remembered for declaring Martial Law, but for being unable to spare many lives from death.

But wait! Here’s an advice from a Fr. Jun Mercado which I believe is worthy of a second look from President Pnoy and reads:

PNoy was not able to solve the peace and order in Sulu much more the ASG in six years..! So PNoy should desist acting in the remaining two weeks of his long term! He should pack his things and begin transporting them to times street…

Check out the video below:

Pres. Aquino: I considered declaring Martial Law in Sulu

President Benigno Aquino reveals he thought about declaring Martial Law in Sulu weeks before the deadline given by the Abu Sayyaf Group. But the President dropped the idea, saying there was no guarantee that declaring Martial Law would help rescue the two foreigners and one Filipina held captive by the bandits.

Posted by CNN Philippines on Wednesday, June 15, 2016

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