President Duterte exposes latest accuser ex-PNP official Eduardo, threatens to wipe out Acierto, fellow rogue cops

A menacing President Rodrigo Duterte threatens to wipe out Acierto and fellow rogue cops while speaking during one of PDP-Laban’s campaign rally.

President Duterte was furious after Acierto claimed that the President ignored the information submitted a report to Malacanang, that a certain Yang, Chinese businessman friend of PRRD, is a drug lord.

Duterte recalled that Yang came to Davao in 1999 to attend a conference.

Yang was brought to then Davao City Mayor and now President Duterte by a Maranao Vice Mayor, who told the President that Yang intends to open a business.

“I distinctly, I remember I said, You can come here and do legal business but don’t do drugs, I will bury you alive,” the President remarked.

The President then turned his to Acierto and Fajardo and issued a warning that should make mere mortals pee in their pants, figuratively speaking.

“Alam noy Acierto, Fajardo at lahat kayo mga kurakot na mga pulis, putang ina nyo, bantay kayo sa akin. Letse kayo. Tingnan mo. Kung hindi nyo ako maunahan, animal kayo, ubusin ko talaga kayo.”

Duterte then continued talking about Yang.

Duterte said that Yang’s name just surfaced in the list recently.

Duterte shifted talking about the “arrest for ransom modus” of Fajardo and Acierto- arrest visiting Chinese businessmen planning to open a business in the country, accuse them of engaging in illegal drugs and released them in exchange for ransom money.

The Chinese businessmen, the President said, was forced to pay otherwise, he will go to jail because it’s non-bailable.

The President cited the Jee Ick Joo case, the South Korean businessman, as the victim of the arrest for ransom modus of Acierta, Fajardo and company.

President Duterte compared Acierto and Fajardo to the characters portrayed as high ranking police officials in the Netflix TV series “Narco”, the corrupt police who ends up laughing their way to the bank.

The President also reminded the public that Acierto was the same guy who brokered the AK-47 arms deal that were sent to the NPA’s.

The video ended after the President asked the military and the police why the likes of Acierto are still alive?

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