President Duterte hits back at Drilon: “Tama si Taberna. Ilang kilometro magawa sa presyo ng coliseum ni Drilon (Iloilo Convention Center)?”

After a brief silence, President Duterte finally talked to Malacanang reporters to defend the giant SEA GAMES cauldron that Drilon called extravagant, inappropriate, not valid while public schools need classrooms.

President Duterte wasted no time in hitting back at Drilon by asking the reporters if they want him to comment on the controversial “kaldero.

The President paused for a few seconds to hear the reply of the Malacanang reporters but went on to talk about it anyway.

The President said that Taberna (Anthony Taberna) was right when he asked how many kilometers of roads can be built with the price tag of Drilon’s coliseum (Iloilo Convention Center).

Tama si Taberna. Ilang kilometro magawa sa presyo ng coliseum ni Drilon? Is it used everyday? If it isn’t used every day, how are they making money, right? But how many kilometers of those public structures there in Iloilo, kung ginamit nya yun to cement or blah, blah. Did not get the last part of the sentence.

Duterte went on to defend the cauldron while dismissing allegation of that there was no corruption in the building of the SEA Games cauldron, saying the government commissioned a National Artist to build the cauldron and we are paying for the product of his mind. if the artist says that is the price, it’s either we take it or leave it.

You know, there was never corruption in that situation because you commission a National Artist.

Duterte, turned to his aide and asked the name of the artist. The aide handed the President a folder containing the information he asked before continuing his talk.

“Ito si Manosa was commissioned by the government to create…nakita nyo yung gawa nya? It is a product of the mind. You cannot estimate how much nalugi ka nito because it is the rendition of the mind of the creator.”

Kung yan ang singil nya, ibig sabihin nyan, wag mong bilhin kung ayaw mo. yan ang presyo ko just like a painting,” President Duterte argued.

President Duterte cited another example, the portraits of past Presidents, including his portrait in the Malacanang gallery to drive home his point.

He said the government paid the artist but how much, that he does not know. However, he said a picture of him made by an artist costs the government P5-million.

Towards the last part of the video, Duterte asked who paid for the EDSA Shrine for the sake of conversation (philosophical). If it’s the government, Duterte said this is against the law because of the so-called separation of the state and the church. Otherwise, he is good with it.

You may watch the video below now.


'NO EXTRAVAGANCE' | Walang katiwalian sa pagpapatayo ng P50-M cauldron para sa #SEAGames2019, ayon kay Pres. Rody Duterte. Nagpatutsada rin ang Pangulo kay Sen. Franklin Drilon kaugnay ng naging kontrobersyal ding Iloilo Convention center.For more latest stories, visit us at

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