President Duterte is a troll? This La Salle prof thinks so but…in a good way!

When someone call us a ‘troll’ on social media, we always have a violent reaction because it has a bad connotation.

But La Salle professor Van Yviernas implicitly tells us not to because a troll does not necessarily mean its bad.

In fact, he just called President Duterte a troll. But dob’t get mad until you read his explanation below.

On Facebook, Ybiernas writes:

“Troll and trolling are not necessarily pejorative.

Trolling is the ART of eliciting a reaction.

Now, that reaction may or may not be negative.

For instance, PRRD is just trolling Smart and Globe by introducing the idea of a third telco (foreign pa!) to break the existing duopoly.

The reaction expected to be elicited by this presidential trolling is better service and value for money, which the public isn’t getting right now.

Troll on, Mr. President!”

Luc Look agrees: “And PRRD has mastered the craft, specially at trolling them yellows.hahahahaha”

Jorge Barba says: “He gave them deadline prior to his coming to the palace but they failed badly to deliver their promise for some reason.

Btw, he threatened Globe in Davao to uproot their towers in the city if they refuse to integrate “911” into their phone numbering system.

The president is “notorious” with brinkmanship. :)”

Jorge Barba adds: “It’s one reason I couldn’t convince my late father to vote for Digong. We both agreed that he is a maldito (rude street-mark).

Like LP supporters, he believed he’s “in a bad way” whereas I believe he is a maldito “in a good way”.

Our differences with the yellow camps is more on the way we interpret the same piece of character.”

What are your thoughts on this?

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