President Duterte’s 1st SONA draws cheers, gives hope to celebrities & ordinary netizens

President Rodrigo Duterte just delivered the longest speech in SONA history that lasted 1 hour and 32 minutes, if I am not mistaken.

The President’s speech was punctuated by several rounds of applause and in the end, merited a standing ovation from the live audience.

But how did the social media personalities, celebrities, and ordinary netizens react to President Duterte’s SONA?

Let us head to Facebook and Twitter to pick out the heartwarming comments of the netizens who did watch the President’s SONA speech.

On Facebook:

Atty. Bruce Rivera shared his thoughts on Facebook that reads:


Never have I heard a speech so long he had to edit himself because he knows it is too long. Is that bad? By all mean, NO.

PRRD showed us in his first SONA that he knows what to do. He knows the problems even in its details. He placed Congress in its place and told them that despite their political prostitution, he does not owe them anything even taking a swipe at Sen. Drilon which was the biggest burn ever. He knows the direction he is taking us and he is clear in his principles and policies. He gave special attention to women, the lumad rights and to the poorest of the poor. Though he neglected to mention HIV and the LGBT, which I think is forgivable due to the sheer range of issues he had to address, I am mighty proud.

Our President was not rhetorical or rehearsed and was far from the public speaking skills of ordinary politician. But he was real, engaging and most importantly, in command. The message in his SONA is simple: Stop hating the past and ignore the haters of the present because he is in command and he knows how to fix it.

And I take a sigh of relief. I made the right choice.

Cesar Apolinario of GMA News wrote:

It is definitely a different yet sensible and doable SONA from former mayor and now THE MAYOR OF THE REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES: The only difference is that we were stuck along IBP road with the rest of the militant groups who are just starting their scheduled program. Goodluck!

Sunshine Cruz can’t hold back her excitement while watching President Duterte’s SONA speech.

Showtime host Coleen Garcia sums up President Duterte’s speech in three words.

Netizen named Hideki S. Magtoto is hopeful of the future.

Assunta de Rossi have nothing but kind words.

Netizen Bro thinks President Duterte’s ability to sound sincere and funny at the same time is a stroke of genius.

Netizen Joey shared his “aha moment” while listening to President Duterte’s SONA.

Netizen Amro Andula have high hopes for President Duterte’s battle cry “change is coming”!

Jimmy Walde found Duterte’s SONA speech refreshing:

Duterte is indeed a man of action….his speech is direct to the point., substantive and responsive. what a breath of fresh air!! bravo…..

President Duterte’s straight to the point manner of speaking left netizen Kristine Cerva deeply impressed.

Please feel free to post your reaction to President Duterte’s SONA.


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