President-elect Duterte claimed @ least 35 local execs involved in illegal drugs; issued ultimatum to confess

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte claimed at 35 local execs are involved in the illegal drug trade during a recent meeting with Congressmen in Davao City.

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In an article published by PhilStar, Quezon Rep. Danilo Suarez revealed that Duterte talked about the “clear and present danger” of the country’s drug problem during a meeting with lawmakers Tuesday night at the Malacañang of the South in Barangay Panacan here.

(He said) top officials of the PNP (Philippine National Police), and 35 local executives (are involved in the illegal drug trade),” Suarez, one of the lawmakers who attended the meeting, said in an interview on Wednesday.

Rep. Suarez from the Quezon Province was quoted by PhilStar on the fate awaiting the local execs in complicity with the drug lords, “It’s like he is giving them leeway to confess. Perhaps they will get a lighter sentence if they confess but he is not saying clemency or pardon.”

Rep. Suarez divulged that the incoming President did not drop any names among the local execs but he mentioned one police general involved in the illegal drug trade. He refused to name the general in deference to the incoming President.

Suarez revealed that President-elect Duterte was visibly irked and frustrated with the local executives who are condoning the illegal drugs to proliferate under their noses instead of suppressing it.

“It’s a double whammy. You are not stopping, you are even protecting (the business of prohibited drugs),” President-elect Duterte was quoted by Rep. Suarez.

“It remains unclear what Duterte would do if the 35 local officials refuse to admit to their supposed wrongdoings. The tough-talking politician, however, has said that he would not hesitate to kill to protect the country from the drug menace,” said Rep. Suarez.

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SOURCE: PhilStar


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