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Presidential sis Jocellyn’s unsolicited advice to Kris Aquino: “Take a break or it might break you.”

Jocellyn Duterte unsolicited advice to Kris Aquino

Jocellyn Duterte unsolicited advice to Kris Aquino

Kris Aquino is again making some noise after her Instagram post taking on critics of Ate Balsy and Dad Ninoy got front page publicity from mainstream media.

In one Instagram post, Kris Aquino fell short of calling critics as “ingrates” reminding them that they owe their freedom to his Dad who died fighting the Marcos regime so they better shut up.

In another post, Kris tells critics to stop spreading fake news against her Ate Balsy and her hubby, otherwise, she will unleash her savage self against Aquino haters.

Kris Aquino’s much publicized feud with critics has been getting varied reactions on social media.

And , he latest notable personality to just do that is none other than the outspoken presidential sister Jocellyn Duterte Villarica who took to Facebook offering unsolicited advice to the youngest of the Aquino siblings.

On Facebook, Jocellyn writes:

Unsolicited Advice!

Dear Kris,

I would like to appeal to you to take a break or it might break you. Please understand the Filipinos are tired and angry sa “sistemang bulok”… and all they really want is change!

You cannot stop what is happening right now. Your post is not going to help, it would just ignite more negativity on your part, like threatening them or the people who you think is responsible for your???

I have a daughter as old as you are and I can sympathized with your situation right now but that is politics and l feel your knowledge and experience in this field is almost non-existent…think before you talk, and try to understand the masa, the less fortunate, poverty and the problems your country is facing. Get out of your comfort zone and look around you and see for yourself why this country needs to CHANGE. You are young, you have everything you need. Enjoy your life and if you have empathy for your country, help us to gain a better life!

Find yourself and try to be happy, for life is fleeting and before you know it, it’s gone.. l lost my daughter to cancer 3 years ago, hence the unsolicited advice . Godb!

Any reaction?

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