Presumptive President Duterte wants to use own pickup truck as presidential vehicle

The legend of the presumptive President Duterte will continue to grow when fulfills a promise to use his pickup truck as a presidential vehicle.

Credits to Isuzu

In a video posted by DZMM in YouTube, the outgoing Mayor of Davao City and presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte expresses his desire to be called as “Mayor rather than President.”

In a press conference held at Hotel Elena in Davao City after a closed-door meeting with PNP and AFP Generals, Mayor Duterte intimated to the reporters that he wants the people to continue referring to him as “Mayor of the Philippines” rather than being addressed as President of the Philippines.

The presumptive President also expresses his desire to bring Malacanang closer to the Filipinos by opening the gates of Malacanang to the ordinary people.

“Mayor” Duterte also wants to ban the use of luxury vehicles among government officials.

With that being said, “Mayor” Duterte wants to bring his pickup truck to Manila from Davao City because he wants to use it as the official presidential vehicle.

TopGear Philippines reported that the presumptive President owns an Isuzu pickup truck.

When TopGear Philippines heard the news, they suggested that Malacanang gets a new 4/4 pickup truck and converted into a bullet-proof unit to ensure the safety of the President.

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