Pretty Aljazeera reporter irks President Aquino during interview on relief operations

Before Typhoon Lando made landfall in Northern Luzon, President Aquino briefed the media in Malacanang about the necessary preparations the government have put in place. For example, Pnoy boasted that the relief goods have been strategically pre-positioned; heavy equipments have been readied by the DPWH for clearing operations in case the roads are impassable so that trucks can bring in the relief goods to the disaster areas.

Watch the video below for more details of the above-mentioned press briefing hosted by the President.

So when the pretty Aljazeera reporter got the chance to ask the President about the progress of the relief operations in the typhoon affected areas in light of his earlier announcements, this rubbed President Aquino the wrong way.

You spoke to the public last week about the preparation. However, it’s been over 24 hours already and there are still so many areas that are hard to reach at the moment given the magnitude of the areas… Are your resources stretched at the moment? These questions of those areas that have not been reached ummm… The Armed Forces of the Philippines in Casiguran have just managed to start communications as well…Can you tell us exactly at this point…what can you assure to the public given at this point, it seems a bit slow with how things have been moving?

This is the president’s response to the Aljazeera reporter:

Cabanutuan in particular was reported to be isolated from all directions, north and south…indistinct.. we have already delivered the same…Aurora? There is already a convoy coming from both Manila and San Fernando and there are, they are slightly behind us..but they already on the way to Baler and Casiguran. Now we are an archipelago, all these chalennges before us..umm electricty for one has to be above ground for various reasons, it get knocked out by the strong wind, then you should also ensure that you don’t just have to re-energize without making sure that nobody would be susceptible to electrocution. Now, as far as response time, I think we have pre-positioned not just the relief supplies, but also the equipments from the DPWH in so many different places as much as possible. But I think it is still gonna be a challenge in Gabaldon. I am hearing in this province, there are very large boulders that are blocking the road. But if the equipements are present , we will move all these debris. It will just take some time.

Check out the video below and observe the tone of the President’s voice.

Pnoy napikon kunti sa Aljazeera reporter

Aljazeera Reporter sinabihan si noynoy na medyo SLOW sa pag responde sa ibang lugar na apektado ng Bagyong Lando kahit daw sa pagsasabi noon na handang handa na ang gobyerno. Medyo NAPIKON lang ang Presidente na ayaw ipahalata.Hindi yata naipamalas ang pinagmamalaking systematic na relief goods na handang mag repack ng 50,000 family food packs per day, na nakahanda noong Setyembre.Credits to Maharlika

Posted by Samot-Saring Paandar on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Meanwhile, DSWD spend a huge amount to mechanize the repackaging of the relief goods and it was announced a month ago or so. I don’t think they still have an alibi why they cannot quickly distribute the relief goods as soon as the roads are passable to delivery trucks.

Watch the video below.

Are you satisfied with the progress of the relief operations today than during the Yolanda days?


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