Pretty freelance model facing carnapping charges

In Quezon City, a 26-year old freelance model was nabbed for carnapping after the victim reported the incident to the police.

The victim, Monaliza Laurente narrated to TV 5 reported that on January 18, 2016 she met the suspect in Fairview to discuss about the invitation to act as the godmother of the suspect’s wedding.

The suspect, Mariecar Rosel got in the car of the victim, then they drove away to an unknown destination. A few moments later, the suspect told the victim Mrs. Monaliza Laurente that the car appeared to be experiencing a punctured tire.

Noon bumaba ako, sabi ko di flat pero nakahawak na po ako sa pintuan pero nung bubuksan ko, naka-lock na po. Tapos unti-unting umaandar ang sasakyan. Tapos hawak-hawak ko pa rin po, pinaharurot na nya kaya ako nakaladkad po.

According to the News 5 report, the daughter of the Mrs. Monaliza Laurente is a former schoolmate of the suspect, Mariecar Rosel. The victim said she was stunned by what the suspect did to her.

In a follow-up operation conducted by the police, the suspect was arrested together with her boyfriend Reginald Balate.

The car was recovered, but the ID’s, P15,000 cash and other important stuffs were nowhere to be found.

According to C/Inspector Jose Arandia, the modus of the suspect/s is to befriend or ask the victims to be the godmother of their wedding.

Pagnakuha na nila ng loob mo, doon naman nila sinasamantala ang pagkakataon na makuha mga mahalagang bagay sa yo tulad ng sasakyan.

Meanwhile, three other victim surfaces to file charges against the suspects for stealing their money and cell phones.

Honey Grace Salas, one of the victims narrated to the News 5 reporter that she met the suspect Mariecar Rosel during a modeling gig.

The suspect offered Honey Grace a ride to her destination. Before they could reach their destination, she got off the car to buy something. While waiting for her turn to pay the stuffs she wanted to buy, the suspect drove away, leaving with some cash and a cell phone of the victim.

The suspects are now facing the charges of carnapping and thief.

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