Pretty lady suspects motive of UP student behind the Duterte DQ case, defends DU30 supporters

The UP student council leader who questioned the validity of Mayor Duterte’s candidacy has been given a dose of his own medicine by a pretty lady who questioned his motives behind the DQ move.

The netizen made the pointed comment in response to the video wherein the UP student leader, John Paul Delas Nieves‬ complained of harassment and bullying in the social media from the ranks of the Duterte supporters. Please refer to the video below.

UP student na naghain ng kaso vs. Duterte, nakatatanggap umano ng mga pagbabantaIpinahayag ni John Paulo Delas Nieves na desidido siyang ituloy ang kaso laban sa kandidatura ni Mayor Duterte. Ito'y sa kabila ng mga pananakot na natatanggap umano niya sa social media. Makibalita. Full story:

Posted by News5 Everywhere on Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Going forward. The pretty lady with a sexy smile opened her comment by citing Gab Valenciano who was earlier bashed by the Duterte supporters for using a flawed argument why he is against Duterte. “Si Gab Valenciano na-bash sa pagsabi nya na ayaw nya si Duterte dahil flawed logic ang ginamit nyang pag-defend sa reason nya.”

“You Mr. UP Boy, if you are truly an Isko (UP scholar), you won’t sound like a pussy,” the pretty lady ribbed Nieves.

But here comes the best part IMO. Read slowly how the brainy and pretty lady articulated why the Duterte supporters are passionate to a fault. “Duterte’s followers may be passionate in supporting him to a fault, BUT, let not the reason they are supporting him be lost in the mix – these are tired people, tired of crime, tired of traffic, tired of broken down transportation systems, and ultimately, tired of apathetic govt officials who seem to be serving only themselves and their friends and NOT the public,” the pretty chick wrote.

If you compare this to boxing, this is the final blow that floored John Paulo Delas Nieves to the canvass, “You get bullied? Okay. Granted you were, granted you want to follow due process, at the end of the day, do you really believe what you’re doing is for the good of all or just for you to feel a certain sense of importance, that you actually have a degree of intelligence befitting an Isko to push a case that is for ‘everyone’?”

She ended her post by telling the UP student leader bluntly that she is not impressed with his reasons and them some more. “Your motives are suspect, Mr. Delas Nieves. I do not wish ill of you, your family, your girlfriend, not even of your dog, but Lord knows I will pray that your type of person would NEVER get to hold public office.”

pretty lady defends rabid Duterte supporters

Do you agree with the pretty chick here?


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