Preview: ‘My Pabebe Love’ will breach 300M come December after today’s record breaking ticket sales

A few hours after the announcement of the “Eat Bulaga – Sa Tamang Panahon” in the Philippine Arena on October 24, 2105, TicketWorld posted an update at 4 PM that says, the first day ticket sales record was officially breached.

The figure stood at 33 million tickets sold in just three hours. That’s unbelievable!

Check out the long queue for tickets after Lola Nidora made the invitation to the AlDub nation to drop by to her humble bungalow on October 24th in the Philippine Arena.

Long lines for tickets 1

Long lines for tickets

If the trend continues, I can only imagine how the MMFF entry “My Pabebe Love” from the Eat Bulaga producers will fare come December. Breaching the 300-500 million peso ticket sales is not unthinkable!

Check out the preview of the movie below.

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