Pro-admin lawyer shares RED recruiting secrets, bares # 1 reason why Teddy Casino dreads being red tagged

A known pro-Duterte Facebook page run by lawyers Trixie Cruz-Angeles and Ahmed Paglinawan bearing their names bared in its latest FB post why Teddy Casino and company are scared of being red-tagged.

But before we get to that part, Atty. Trixie Angeles first discussed how students and young people are lured into joining their ranks in a Facebook post with the title, “On Red Recruitment”.

BTW, Atty. Trixie was simply sharing the story as told to her by a former high ranking member of the NPA.

‘A former high ranking member of the New People’s Army once disclosed to us, that students are usually recruited into legitimate groups or organizations. All above board. All seemingly legit, and regular.’

According to the former high ranking NPA member, the recruiters are not totally honest with their potential recruits by hiding an important piece of information that should have influence their decision whether to say YES or NO to the recruiters.

‘What the recruiters don’t say is that all or nearly all legit leftist or left leaning organizations have their corresponding armed component, so that one group or more is above ground, legitimate, participating in society while another is underground and carries on the armed struggle.’

‘One cannot do without the other,’ Atty. Trixie wrote.

Atty. Trixie explained why the CPP-NPA targets young people to the organization.

‘Recruitment is required because young people are the workers of the communist movement. They do the grunge work, recruiting, teaching ideology, or the use of arms, combat training, orientation. They help raise funds, and are at the disposal of the higher party members.’

However, the CPP-NPA isn’t recruiting just anyone. They particularly like a certain profile of their recruits.

‘But they don’t just recruit anyone. They profile the potential member by targetting their weak spots. They appeal to poor students’ sense of being left behind and forgotten by a society, their needs ignored and unmet. They target the lonely, the ones who want to belong in a group, others they snap up once they see that the recruit just wants to be part of something big.’

After the recruits are in, they can’t get out easily once they are introduced into the illegal counterpart of the legal fronts of the CPP.

‘So they get recruited into a legit organization and once in, they are later introduced to the less than legal one.’

At this juncture, Atty. Trixie remarked that believing that Teddy Casino and friends they are simply afraid being red-tagged because it puts their lives in danger makes us look very naive. The real reason is that, Teddy Casino and friends are afraid of going to jail.

‘So it wouldn’t be wise for us to believe that Teddy Casiño and his co-horts are simply afraid of being red tagged (kais ikamamatay daw nila, although he never really says how) but really, they are afraid of going to jail.’

Atty. Trixie ended the FB post by providing the reason that scared the shits out of the likes of Casino and cohorts.

‘You know why? Because the new Anti Terrorism Law punishes recruitment into a terrorist organization. And once the NPA is recognized as one by our judiciary, we might see the notorious terrorist deniers go to jail.’

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Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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