Pro-Duterte lawyer dangles 3 options for Manny Pacquiao in response to President Duterte tirade

In the wake of the public humiliation suffered by Senator Manny Pacquiao at the hands of President Duterte during his “Talk to the nation” TV program last night saying that the Duterte admin is 2x or 3x corrupt than the Aquino admiration, Atty. Darwin Canete offered several options for the boxer turned politician to save his face.

Canete, basically, painted 3 different option available for Pacquiao’s taking.

Options ni Manny Pacquiao.

  1. Sagutin si PRRD. Name names and give evidence.
  2. Hihingi ng tawad at sisihin yung mga sulsol.
  3. Sasabihin na may COVID at hindi ito ang tamang oras na mamulitika (also known as “the Leni.”)

Canete’s Fb post has generated quite a buzz on Facebook, getting 3,780 reactions, 158 comments and 129 shares in just 4 hours.

Netizens have a field day in making fun of Pacquiao by offering their suggestions how Pacquiao can extricate himself out of the humiliating situation.

“Pakyawin na nya lahat ng options!😂suggested the first netizen.

“Sabihin nya, na hack account nya. Hindi nya alam yun. 🤮🤮🤮 commented the 2nd netizen.

“Uminom ng isang banig na alaxan. wala na penesh na,😅✌🏼 said the 3d netizen.

The 4th netizen suggested to Pacquiao to pick 1 & 3 options. “Or he will claim to have a list but will focus on the pandemic problem and help acquire vaccines for now while training. He will then state that there will be a right time to expose these corrupt agencies/depts. The right time will be by February. Until then, he will campaign, make a more ass of himself and waste his money.”

“I will provide PRRD the list but he should endorse me first as PDP-Laban Presidential candidate,” commented the 5th netizen.

On a serious note, this netizen wants Pacman to et rid of his PR team. “Palitan mo na yung mga adviser mo palaging palpak at PR man mo rin baka katulad din yun sayo binili yung diploma,”


Source: Darwin Canete

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