Pro-Duterte lawyer easily exposes Rep. Carlo Zarate as weak lawyer following his defense of Yorme Isko from Duterte’s tirade

After the latest tirade of President Duterte versus Yorme Isko Moreno, Rep. Carlos Zarate of Bayan Muna took to Twitter to defend the Manila Mayor.

Zarate disparaged President Duterte by calling him “K!llBoy” whom he said was once again trying vainly to misdirect his own shortcomings by lashing a hard-working Yorme ‘disorganized’ daw and laughed.

On that note, a certain Tom Berenguer, a pro-Duterte and a lawyer by profession took to Facebook to downplay the glowing writeup of Rep. Zarate on Yorme Isko Moreno.

“Just because one is hardworking does not mean one is organized. You can work very hard on something but with very little results to show for it.”

Atty. Tom supported his assertion by citing Mar as an example. He even tried acting as MMDA traffic enforcer and still, he did not win when he ran for president in 2016.

“Take Mar for example. He was very hardworking. He tried to do everything. He even did the work of MMDA traffic enforcers all by himself.”

Atty. Tom ended the brief FB post by citing another example.

“For those who saw the video, Jim was also very hardworking.”

Atty. Tom’s brilliant rebuttal to Rep. Zarate’s tweet elicited mixed reactions from netizens, mostly negative against Yorme Isko.

“Disorganized thoughts coming from Zarate!” wrote a netizen.

“The fact that Isko allowed you reds to rally in Manila during a pandemic already manifested his disorganized governance!” commented another netizen.

“Birds of the same feathers flock together.Obvious sa ginagawang pagtatanggol ni ZARATE kay YORME ang kanilang alyansa.Bakit tama ba yung hinayaan ni Yorme na NASA ULANAN, BAHA, AT BAGYO ang mga nasasakupan niya para lang makatanggap ng LIBRENG BAKUNA mula sa gobyerno? Hindi ba kagalit-galit yun?!!Huwag magpaloko kay ZARATE at sa mga tulad niya,” warned a netizen to fellow netizens.

“The reds are protecting each other. Magaling si PRRD mag unmask ng enemies of the state,” said a netizen praising President Duterte’s skill to unmask the enemies of the State.


Source: Tom Berenguer

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