Pro-Duterte lawyer reacts furiously at GMA News “malicious” headline castigating PRRD for going shopping while on four-day working visit

A pro-Duterte lawyer reacted furiously upon staring at GMA News headline criticizing PRRD for spending his time shopping while on working visit in Japan.

Atty. Bruce Rivera opened his Facebook post with an emphatic “SO WHAT?” remark in the direction of GMA NEWS.

Rivera feigned innocence why PRRD going shopping while on 4-day working visit to Japan is even newsworthy because when PNoy was the President, he cancelled an engagement with the Filipino community in the US and took an unscheduled side trip to a gun store and GMA News did not make a spectacle out of it.

Rivera urged the public to take a closer look at the GMA News headline “Four day working visit and shopping” and from his standpoint, it puts the President in a bad light. Like it’s wrong for the President to take his family to shopping because he was on a working visit.

Rivera asked, “Where is the justice here?”

Rivera lamented GMA News castigated a working President while it did not raise a finger to call out the notoriously lazy one (PNoy).

Rivera also recalled how GMA News showcased only the negatives about the workaholic GMA when she was the President though her name gave GMA News free publicity.

Rivera’s point is, GMA News have their taste and it is not PRD. He appealed to GMA News to at least be subtle of their disdain. Because, in case they didn’t notice it, it is like a screaming queen on a hissy fit, it is so obvious it hurts his eye, bordering on torture. The same torture that a halayang ube for a pen1$ gave him.

You may read Bruce Rivera’s full FB post below.


Hindi ko alam bakit naging balita ito pero hindi naman ito issue nung panahon ni PNoy when he cancelled an engagement with the Filipino community because he took an unscheduled trip to a gun store in the US.

I mean, look at the headline. Four day working visit and shopping. How wrong can it look? So dapat ang kailangan ay hindi na lang talaga magshopping si PRD kasi working visit. Where is the justice here?

You castigate a working president while you do not even raise a finger to call out notoriously lazy one. GMA was a workaholic and all you did was manage to showcase the negative. And her name even gave you publicity.

My point is, you have your taste and it is not PRD. Can you at least be subtle about it. It is screaming like a queen on a hissy fit and so obvious it hurts my eye, it borders on torture. The same torture that halayang ube for a penis gave me.

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