Pro-Leni Robredo chef and endorser is in hot water for his cultural insensitive tweet asking if Muslims are clowns? Muslim Pinoy responds!

A “celebrity” Chef, if you will and an active endorser of Vice President Leni Robredo for President, is in hot water after he was accused of cultural insensitivity from a member of the Filipino-Muslim community.

The controversial Chef was screengrabbed engaging another netizen using the handle @MSarahadil if those Muslims are clowns?

It appears that the controversial Chef was triggered by the netizen who replied to his tweet using clown emojis.

The tweet was posted in August 2020 but was resurrected by a non-Muslim by passing the tweet of the controversial Chef to our Muslim brother named Jun A. Datu-Ramos who can’t help but react to what he called a cultural insensitive tweet.

Basically, Datu-Ramos asked if Muslim Filipinos are funny as per tweet of the political campaign personality?

Datu-Ramos lamented that the controversial chef not only exuded arrogance in communicating his political views but also showed how much he treated those of different cultural or religious upbringing than him. He can’t help but ask if it was a Freudian slip reflective of his personal views of Muslims or is this shared by the entire comms team of Leni Robredo? He said shuddered at the thought that this sort of language is perpetrated by the entire campaign team of the vice president.

Datu-Ramos reminded Robredo’s communications team that the Muslim voters range in the million and it can hurt their candidate if the Muslim voters decide to junk Robredo come 2022 polls.

You may now read the original FB post of Jun A. Datu-Ramos below.


COMMENTARY | The screenshots were sent to me by a well-meaning socmed personality, a non-Muslim who was triggered by the post of Presidential aspirant VP Leni Robredo’s communications head.

This Chef Gelo Guison not only exudes arrogance in the way he communicates his political views, he also shows how much he respects those of a different cultural or religious upbringing than him. Is his Freudian slip reflective of his personal views about Muslims, or is this shared by the entire comms team of VP Robredo? I shudder to think that this sort of language is perpetuated by their entire campaign team.

If this is the way that Team Robredo is talking about Muslims during the campaign period, imagine how they will act if ever she is elected as the nation’s leader.

Katawatawa ba ang mga Muslim, at dapat ihalintulad sa mga payaso?

Baka nalilimutan ng communications team ni VP Robredo na MILYON ang bilang ng botanteng Muslim.

And more importantly, non-Muslims should also be concerned that a candidate for Philippine President chose such an individual to verbalize her campaign thrusts, and represent her branding on social media.

From the very beginning, Muslim Filipinos have been dead serious about preserving Islamic culture, respecting diversity in a predominantly-Christian country, and helping with nationbuilding by eradicating misinformation and Islamophobia. The National Commission on Muslim Filipinos had been working tirelessly to protect the welfare of Muslims in the country, especially during the pandemic. I don’t see what’s so funny about who and what we are as a community.

Jun A. Datu-Ramos, MD, MHA

Director IV and Spokesperson

NCMF-Bureau of External Relations


Source: Facebook

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