Probe Trillanes for treason and espionage? Veteran intelligence officers want Trillanes expelled first, followed by NBI probe

If these two veteran intelligence officers had their way, they would investigate Trillanes for treason and espionage by being an agent of foreign intelligence agency spying on the legislative and executive branches of government.

Veteran intelligence officers Benjamin Libarnes and Ronnie Javier reached out to former military official Abe Purugganan expressing their opinion on Senator Antonio Trillanes in light of the senator’s claim that he received his information from a foreign country with regards to Paolo Duterte’s involvement allegedly with the Chinese triad.

Let us read the comments of the two gentlemen below.

(From Ronnie Javier)

Abe Purugganan something is misaligned. Intel people doing exchanges is accepted. After all, it’s their job to get info. And, same is being done by the other guy. But a senator? What is it in “aid of”? And we know there is never an intel meet without exchange. Besides, they also must always submit the after contact -meeting report. So, here, what was “exchanged” then? Somehow, i find this disturbingly close to treason.

(From Benjamin Libarnes)

Foreign intelligence agencies share information involving common interest to other counterpart foreign intelligence agencies officially, never to any private individual person not a member or connected to the counterpart foreign intelligence agency; unless that individual private person (like a senator) is their paid agent working for them so that he can gather additional information on the activities of their subject target ! I hope Senator Trillanes is not an agent of any of the Chinese intelligence agencies (Mainland China, Taiwan, Hongkong or Macau) wherein the Triad is actively operating.

Libarnes added that Trillanes must be expelled from the senate first, followed by an NBI probe in cooperation with the PNP and AFP for his possible employment as a paid agent of a foreign country.

Senate’s Ethics Committee must expel Senator Antonio Trillanes out of the Senate (not just suspended) for un-parliamentary / unruly behaviors against other senators – once expelled investigated by the NBI in close coordination with AFP and PNP intelligence agencies for his possible tie-up with foreign intelligence agencies as their paid agent!

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