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Prof. Tonton Contreras on Sereno’s missing UP SALN: “Something is utterly fishy here. And I can smell the stink.”

Tonton Contreras on Serenos missing UP SALN

Tonton Contreras on Serenos missing UP SALN

The late CJ Renato Corona was impeached by Pnoy administration because of alleged hidden wealth, not reflected in his SALN, leaving the man devastated.

And now CJ Maria Lourdes Sereno is looking at the same allegation as the late CJ Corona in the House committee on justice filed by complainant lawyer Larry Gadon.

While the late CJ Corona’s SALN was intact when he submitted it to the impeachment court, the same cannot be said of the incumbent, CJ Ma. Lourdes Sereno.

Let us read Facebook post of La Salle professor Tonton Contreras to know his thoughts about the missing SALN of Sereno.


How can UP not even have a clue about Sereno’s missing SALN in her 201 file?

Either she failed to file or someone took it out.

And if she failed to file, how can UP not notice and consequently formally acted on it? After all, it is an actionable offense.

And if someone took it, how can they not notice or know? Unless someone conspired to take it out. And if so, it only means someone wants to hide something.

The excuse that they may have been turned over to the Ombudsman also doesn’t convince? How can UP not have insisted on retaining a copy?

Like I said, something is utterly fishy here. And i can smell the stink.

And what is even more fishy is that Sereno apparently resigned from UP in 2006. So she should have filed a SALN until the day of her resignation in 2006. Hence, for years 2007, 2008 and 2009 it was but logical that her 201 file would no longer contain her SALN. How can UP not know this?

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