Proof that Mar Roxas really LOVES Davao City; he is merely playing politics lately

A video of Mar Roxas issuing ambiguous statements on Davao City is allegedly the “proof” that the former is merely playing politics is doing the rounds online.

Mar Roxas

Credits to Manila Bulletin

In a Facebook post shared 5797 times as of Thursday morning, the FB page named the “Netizen” reveals the contradictions of Mar Roxas in this video.

In the first part of the video, Mar Roxas can be heard talking about good intelligence work and constant police raids are just one of the many instruments to harass the criminal elements in Davao City and prevent them from flourishing.

Mar Roxas then congratulated Mayor Duterte for a job well done and further added that he recognized the efforts of Duterte in maintaining peace and order.

In the second part of the video, Mar Roxas is singing a different tune after Mayor Rodrigo Duterte decided to join the Presidential race.

Mar Roxas can be heard telling his audience in the presence of the press people that Davao City has the 4th highest crime rate incidence in the entire country.

Just for the record also has, I think the highest crime in our country. So kathang isip lang, imagination ni Duterte na payapa ang Davao City. (So the peaceful Davao City is just a figment of imagination of Mayor Duterte.)

Roxas said he is just relying his statements on statistics.

The third part of the video shows the contrasting statistics provided by the opposing camps to belie the claim of the quarreling parties.

In the next sequence, Mar Roxas made the statement that a drug-free Davao City is a myth. In fact, he claimed, he can accompany anyone who wants to buy illegal drugs in Davao City to stress his point.

This wild claim by Mar Roxas was quickly undermined by netizens and the Duterte camp, asking what has he done to arrest these people selling illegal drugs in Davao City in his capacity as a former DILG Secretary.

On that note, the Mar Roxas said that he wrote a letter to Mayor Duterte in this regard.


Posted by Netizen on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Here’s another video of Roxas praising Davao City and Mayor Duterte:

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