PRRD nonchalantly explains how PNoy government lost Scarborough & Panganiban Reef, talks about WPS during SONA 2019

For now, we can finally rest the speculation game on social media how the Philippines lost Scarborough Shoal and Panganiban Reef in the Spratlys starting tomorrow.

Hopefully, the public stops blaming the Duterte government for the loss of Scarborough shoal and Panganiban Reef to China, especially those who did watch PRRD’s SONA (State of the Nation Address 2019).

For those who skipped the President’s SONA for reasons like work or other important business to attend to, perhaps, the FB post of Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu who captured the words of PRRD talking about the WPS and how the Aquino government lost two important real estates in the Spratlys might be of help in leading you to the path of enlightenment.

I don’t expect much from the hardcore critics of PRRD to have a change of heart overnight or ever because that’s who they are.

Anyway, you may start reading Krizette Chu’s FB post below now.


“There are those who tell me to stand up to China… of course we will do, in due time. Ganito yan, when I became President, when M16 orders was cancelled by the US upon the vote of the US congressmen, I found myself in a quandary… There were already reports of passing of arms in Marawi…

The guns owned by the police were hand me downs….

I was forced to go to China. I broght along military men… Lorenzana, Esperon, Ano, I told Xi, I want to dig oil because that is ours.

Well, sabi ni President Xi, there is conflict there. Rather than go there and have confrontation, not necessarily gray ships, war ships, Perhaps we can talk about this.

I cannot go there. They are in possession. Because of Ambassador Albert, tayo ang umatras. Pag sabi na umatras, that was kind of umatras. Nang umatras tayo, pumasok sila, that day we lost Spratlys and Panganiban.

Anong gagawin ko? So I told Xi, we will do this mutually. We will fish because we claim it. Before that they were driving them away, now if you deprive the Filipinos, magkagulo talaga yan. I “allow” that is on the premise that I own the property, but we are not in control of the property.

Yung disgrasya, a legal, mere marine incident happened. Sa batas yan, that’s the legal term, hindi accident. Incident ang term. We compare notes, and we determine who pays for what damage.

Ipadala ko ang Marines ko to drive away the Chinese fishermen, I guarantee you not one of them will come home alive.

Ipadala ko ang Frigate ko, ubos yan. There are guided missiles. They will reach Manila in seven minutes.

Supladahan yan, kung ganunan lang, bright ako dyan, pero kung bunutan ng baril…

We do it confrontation, it could lead to violence.

I told them I will dig my oil, I told the President, Nakita ko yung tao. Please do not do that because there will be trouble. Ano magagawa ko?

I was invoking fishing rights, it is in the arbitral ruling. Even before countries were in existence, people around these lakes were allowed. In so many cases, like Finland and Germany, decided by UNCLOS.

China recognizes the fishing rights of natives even before those governments were created. This is a human right.

There is a time for everything. Do not believe the others, they are not my friends. They are my enemies.

There is a time for everything. A time to quarrel, a time to make peace, a time to go to war, a time to live. That is Ecclesiastes 3.”

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