PRRD’s advice to Comelec to dispose off Smartmatic draws cheers online, Filipino community in Japan

The news that President Duterte advised COMELEC to part ways with Smartmatic due allegations of fraud by the Liberal Party versus OtsoDiretso spread online like wildfire.

The President expressed his desire for Comelec to let go of Smartmatic and look for a fraud free automated election provider during a meeting with Filipino community while on a business trip to Japan.

President Duterte’s speech was welcome with cheers from the Filipino community. signifying their approval of the President’s order.

In the video shared by FB page “Thinking Pinoy”, PRRD said the following lines:

I would like to advise COMELEC now, di ko na lang hihintayin, dispose off Starmatic (Smartmatic) and look for a new one that is free of fraud.

Kasi ang Liberal, sabi nila nadaya sila; ako sabi nila nadaya rin. You know it is creating an environment of ostle against that Startmatic (PRRD not directly naming SMARTMATIC). You have three years. Katatapos lang ng election, palitan na ninyo (PRRD pause for a second as crowd applauds) kasi it is no longer acceptable to me and to the Filipino people and even to the Congressmen who are here.

While the Filipino community warmly welcome PRRD’s speech advising COMELEC to part ways with Smartmatic, Pinoy netizens on Facebook also welcome PRRD’s announcemnt.

Jessie Lozada I agree on one of the recommendations I’ve read. Maraming magagaling na mga Pilipino sa Pilipinas at sa buong mundo na willing tumulong at gumawa ng clean, transparent and efficient election system. The use of blockchain technology is a very good recommendation, it’s what banks are doing now primarily for secure, faster, and transparent (easy audit) transactions. Kalampagin yang COMELEC! Tanggalin at pagbayarin yang SMARTMATIC!
Mabuhay si PRRD! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! 👊🙏🇵🇭❤

Alvin Bullanday-Ferrer Hernandez-Laguinlin Finally!
Smartmatic has been a machine that destroy the credibility of our election, and destroyed our democracy itself! destroy smartmatic now! Better to destroy it now instead of waiting for another of our election being cheated again and again!
Let’s regain our democracy! Destroy all smartmatic machines!

Noe Vallente I love it! TatayDigs we love you period

Luchie N Flores Thnx japan thnx to the Filipino community for being so warm to our Pres. And his entourage

You may watch the video now.

PRRD TO COMELEC: AX SMARTMATICIn a speech delivered during the Meet-and-Greet with the Filipino Community in Tokyo, Japan, President Rody Duterte advised the Commission on Elections to replace automated election system vendor Smartmatic. The President said both admin and opposition parties, along with Filipino Public, have lost trust on the Smartmatic's systems.

Posted by Thinking Pinoy on Thursday, May 30, 2019

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