PSG bodyguard affirms de Lima-Dayan love affair, s&x video in congressional probe

A video starring a de Lima close-in security aide giving his testimony during the resumption of the congressional probe on illegal drugs is making the rounds online.

Presidential Security Group member Jonnel Sanchez Tan responds to the questions of the congressmen in regards to the affidavit he submitted detailing what he know about the relationship between Senator de Lima and her driver/bodyguard boyfriend.

PSG Jonnel Sanchez Tan said that he was assigned to provide security to then Secretary of Justice de Lima in July 2010.

Aside from securing the safety of de Lima, he would also act as the errand boy in some occasions when sharing a ride with de Lima carrying her bag, make-up kit, mobile phone and important papers.

PSG Tan also confirms the earlier report published by the Philippine Daily Inquirer wherein de Lima allegedly spends the New year with Ronnie Dayan in Pangasinan.

Not only in Pangasinan, de Lima would often go home to her hometown in Bicol, where they would notice the unusual closeness between her Boss and Dayan.

According to him, Dayan would hand feed SOJ de Lima with morsels of “saging saba” during stopovers when traveling to Bicol.

s&x video and BJ…

Sometime in 2012, a certain Bantam (another driver of then Secretary of Justice de Lima) showed him the alleged video of de Lima and Dayan during a lull in a parking lot in the Malacanang compound.

He said he watched two videos of de Lima and Dayan: one video was taken inside the shower area while the second video showed de Lima giving Dayan a bl8w j*b. He said he saw the face of then Secretary de Lima in the video.

PSG Tan said he felt uncomfortable watching the videos.

De Lima shops on Dayan’s behalf…

PSG Tan also claimed that Secretary de Lima would buy shoes, Barong Tagalog and other personal items for Ronnie Dayan.

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