PTV4 Manager Kat de Castro appeals to public to respect election outcome amid possible clash between PRRD & Sara for VP, Bong Go’s bid

PTV 4 Gen. Manager and COO Kat de Castro, daughter of Kabayan Noli de Castro, is a known Duterte supporter since the campaign period and amid the various post hurled on social media, she can’t help but share her personal experiences with President Duterte, Senator Bong Go and Mayor Inday Sara Duterte.

Basically, Castro appealed to the Duterte supporters in particular and the public in general, who are bickering because they have different opinions who will be the next leader of the country, to go out, vote and respect whoever wins.

As of this writing, Castro’s FB has generated 1,800 reactions in just 1 hours and counting.

You may now read Kat de Castro’s full FB post below now.

So many posts being hurled on social media since yesterday. What am I’m about to post are my PERSONAL experiences with the following people:

If PRRD knows some events happening in my life, he would surely know what’s happening with people closer to him.

No one can dictate to PRRD what he can and cannot do. When we were campaigning for the 2016 elections, we asked him to limit his curse words. We all know how that turned out. I remember him telling me: I cannot pretend to be someone I am not.

Senator Bong Go is a true public servant. Not self-serving as some would claim him to be. From Davao days until this very moment, he has helped so many people and whatever happens in 2022, he will still be a great public servant.

Mayor Inday Sara has a mind of her own. Just like her father, no one can influence her decisions. She will listen but her decisions are purely her own. She may not run for the presidency in 2022 but she will be a force to be reckoned with should she run for the top national position in 2028.

That said, you have every right to vote for whoever you like in 2022. Whether you’re for BBM, Leni, BG, Isko, Ping, Manny, etc.

Just go out, vote and respect the turnout.


Source: Kat Sinsuat Castro

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