Publicity hungry Senator Risa Hontiveros draws jeers on Facebook after asking DFA to explain passport mess backfires? Read why!

In the wake of news reports from various news outlets and newspaper of passport data thief by a private contractor, Duterte critics wasted no time in attacking the Duterte administration.

Senator Risa Hontiveros immediately went to the press demanding an explanation from the Duterte administration for the reported passport data thief.

But long before Hontiveros could start giving herself a pat in the back for a job well done in putting PRRD and the administration in an embarrassing situation, pro-Duterte bloggers like Krizette Laureta Chu and even former DFA Sec. Perfecto Yasay immediately jolted Hontiveros back to reality by telling the senator critic she was demanding accountability from the wrong person re DFA passport mess.

Manila Bulletin lifestyle magazine writer Krizette Laureta Chu took to Facebook pointing Hontiveros the right direction where to address his question re passport data mess.

Kasi po the contract was terminated in 2015 (your amo’s time), nagalit yung company at ayaw i turn over yung files. 🙂

Kala nyo kasalanan na naman ni Duterte ano

Was Krizette Chu correct? Well, former DFA Secretary Perfecto Yasay confirmed Chu’s assertion that the passport data theft happened when Pnoy was the President.


I believe that requiring the already harassed and exasperated applicants to bring their birth certificates and other supporting documents for the renewal of their passports because the outsourced passport producer allegedly took all the data when its contract was unilaterally cancelled, is most likely only part of the whole true story that Secretary Teodoro Locsin, Jr., is being informed about by certain DFA officials involved in the passport mess.

But why make the public suffer some more for the misfeasance or wrong of certain government officials?

According to the new SFA, as reported in the press, the previous contractor got pissed when their contract for the production and personalization of machine readable electronic passports ( MREPs), was unduly terminated. “The DFA did nothing about it because it was wrong”, he allegedly added.

As a background, on August 1, 2006 the BSP and the DFA entered into a Memorandum Of Agreement (MOA) covering the procurement and centralized production of MREPs in compliance with the standards required by the International Civil Aviation Organization or ICAO.

In the implementation of its obligations under the MOA, the BSP awarded through bidding the main part of the project to FRANCOIS – CHARLES OBERTHUR FIDUCIARE (FCOF) of France through its Philippine Office in Makati.

However, on October 5, 2015, while the FCOF contract with BSP was subsisting and even as the MREPs made by FCOF continued to be fully complaint with the standards of ICAO, the DFA awarded the production of a new E-Passport system to APO Production Unit Inc., (APUI) a Government printing facility without bidding on condition that no part of the contract can be subcontracted or assigned to a private printer. In stark violation of this condition APUI engaged the services of the United Graphic Expression Corporation (UGEC) for the production of the new E-passports.

At my instance as SFA then, the President during the 12th Cabinet Meeting on February 7, 2017, directed me and the Secretary of Finance to discuss with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas the transfer back to the latter the printing of the MREPs. The BSP refused to budge from its previous stand.

On February 10, 2017, no less than Chief Presidential Legal Counsel, Salvador S. Panelo determined that the assignment of the passport printing services to UGEC was illegal and demanded that all rights over all the personal data, source code, data center and other information relating to the performance of the E-passport printing services unlawfully subcontracted to UGEC be reconveyed to the DFA or be acknowledged to be exclusively owned and controlled by the DFA.

Upon information and belief, it appears that UGEC which continues the illegal production of the E-passports has not complied.

I am sharing my personal knowledge about this passport mess, to help Sec. Locsin and the government undertake a thorough investigation to ensure that the past mistakes and wrongful actions of certain DFA officials in connivance with other officials of other government agencies and even in Congress regarding the problem at hand will not be repeated. Under the present scheme of things, the DFA cannot hold UGEC accountable for any breach or screw up in the printing of the E-passport.

Indeed this matter should be thoroughly investigated without any political bias or cover-up so that the whole truth, which the public deserves will be exposed.

Here are some of the comments of netizens from Chu’s FB post.

Andrew Garbanzos Mas mabilis kasi sa alas 4 mag comment. Dapat pag may issue, meeting muna at magtanong “Pnoy, sa panahon mo ba yan”

Mark Lester Cruz I always find it funny na ang daming binabatikos na kapalpakan ng kabila without realizing na nag originate yun sa previous admin

Sha Sha Na troll Na naman. Yung mga nag bandwagon sa “call for an explanation” mabibilaukan kasi backfire kaagad

Wilfredo Martije Paimbestigahan mo para maibalik, at ibalik mo na rin yung pera ng Philhealth na nawala sa panahon mo!

Jenny Ann Nagbago na raw isip ni Risa hindi na daw sya nagtatanong hahahah

Sam Gamuza Isang malaking pagkakamali etong si Hontiveros sa senado.

Armando D. Domo Nagkukumahog ang atake, pero pag nalaman niyang. ,,panahon ng amo niya, tatahimik yan he he

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