Publicus Asia CEO decries Robredo camp for misleading meme using their survey data, sends strong warning to admins of FB page

The CEO of Publicus Asia, Ms. Malou Tiquia has taken to social media to denounce the Robredo camp for distorting their data to suit their narrative.

In other words, Ms. Tiquia is saying that the supporters of Robredo is peddling fake news to convince people that Robredo’s rating in the survey is in the upswing while BBM is in the downswing.

Tiquia made a couple of observations of the graphics shared by the pro-Robredo FB page that prompted her to react vai an FB post. For example, they compared that Pahayag-Final List (November) versus Pahayag Q4 (December) but the source was Publicus. This is a distortion, Ms. Tiquia asserted.

Another distortion by the Robredo camp. The source is Publicus but they compared Pahayag-Final List (November) with Pahayag Q4 (December). They chose not to even be definite with the dates. Pahayag-Final List was done on November 16-18, 2021 while Pahayag Q4 was last 6-10 December 2021.

Ms. Tiquia further explained why the interpretation of the Robredo camp was terribly wrong.

This interpretation of theirs is WRONG since you cannot compare Pahayag-Final List (a 2 question survey) measuring the impact of substitution while Pahayag Q4 is a 6 module survey covering 35 questions, part of our quarterly runs. Comparison should be with the results of Pahayag Q3.

Ms. Tiquia can’t help but wonder why Robredo camp has been reduced to go down this low to campaign for their candidate?

This group used and distorted our data to suit their narrative. Why is it that the group of the Vice President and her supporters relish creating misinformation, disinformation and half truths? Is this your way of campaigning? All negative, propagating cancel culture, distorting facts and spinning left and right, catering to manipulative propaganda.

Ms. Tiquia ended the FB post sending a strong warning to the admins of the FB concerned.

The administrators of the “Friends of Vice President Leni Robredo” are hereby warned.


Source: Malou Tiquia

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