Pulong Duterte dares Trillanes: I May Suggest For Him To Take a Psychiatric Test, Something Is Wrong With His Mind

I guess you’ve already watched Duterte’s response to Trillanes latest tantrums on national TV. Same goes with Sarah. Now let’s hear Pulong Duterte’s side.

Pulong Duterte, Duterte’s eldest son is of course angry at Trillanes. Remember when he accused Pulong of being a drug user and challenged the vice mayor to take a drug test? Which he obliged and the result bear him out that he is not into the innuendos the senator accused him of.

Now, Trillanes wants the Duterte’s to do a bank test.

Pulong said if Trillanes can prove his allegation against the eldest among the Duterte sibling, he will give all the money to the Surigao quake victims.

He suspect something is wrong with the senator’s mind so he suggested a psychiatrist test is in order.

This “ugok” senator is again throwing wild accusations against President Rodrigo Duterte and dinamay pa nya kaming mga anak sa kanyang kagaguhan.

He earlier accused me of being a drug user and when I had proven that I am not, now he accuses me of having millions in questionable wealth.

From drug test and now bank test. If I may suggest for him to take a psychiatric test as something is very very wrong with his mind.

If this senator, whose name is not worth mentioning, could prove that I have those millions in the said bank accounts, then I will give them all to the victims of the earthquake in Surigao.

Kung gusto mo magresign Senator Ugok, magresign ka na. Huwag ka na madami pang dahilan. You are a useless senator and the people of the Philippines no longer believe you.

You can rot in hell for all we care!

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