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Pulong Duterte versus Joma Sison: Ex-VM calls Sison a “pathological liar” and a “disgrace to this country”

Pulong Duterte versus Joma Sison

Pulong Duterte versus Joma Sison

Since resigning from his post, ex-VM Pulong Duterte rarely updates his official Facebook page, but when he does, expect some fireworks from PRRD’s eldest son.

True to his form, the combative and eloquent Pulong Duterte came out swinging against CPP-NDFP-NPA founder Joma Sison on Facebook after dragging the name of President Duterte, Pulong and son in law Mans Carpio as the biggest protector of illegal drugs in the country.

Pulong remarked that Joma Sison parroting the hearsay peddled by a rabid anti-Duterte critic (Sen. Trillanes) is proof that the CPP-NDFP-NPA founder is losing his marbles.

Pulong said that Joma Sison’s action showed he would do anything for the sake of public attention, propaganda, and significance.

In addition, it also exposed the nature of Sison’s politics and principles — sleep with enemies (Trillanes, a former soldier and anti-communist) to reach a common end, which is to topple a common enemy (Duterte).

An irate Pulong called Joma Sison a pathological liar and a disgrace to the country.

Read full text below.

Joma Sison’s accusation that my father and I are the biggest protectors of illegal drugs in the country confirms that the founder of the oldest terror group in Southeast Asia is completely losing it.

The statement sounded insanely absurd as it was a repetition of, if not inspired by, an old gossip propagated and sowed around by an anti-Duterte Senator who is also a rabid anti-communist.

Mr Sison, who a pathological liar himself, was parroting a liar.

This echolalia showed how much Mr Sison was willing to take for the sake of public attention, propaganda, and significance.

It also showed the nature of his politics and principles — where it’s acceptable for enemies to sleep together in one bed, speak one language, and unify forces and work together until the common target is toppled down.

But Mr Sison’s insanity, just like the bloody Maoist revolution in the Philippines, will fail.

And Mr Sison and his organizations — the CPP-NDFP-NPA — will be remembered in history for their contribution in the revolution that victimized the oppressed, the poor, and ultimately, the growth and development of the Philippines.

Mr Sison, the father of the oldest terror group in Southeast Asia, is a disgrace to this country.

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