Pumunta ka sa Camp Crame Hospital – Dr. Ethel Pineda to fellow doctor who made a joke about consulting the police if symptoms persist

On Twitter, the country’s leading forensic expert Dr. Raquel Fortun joined fellow Opposition supporters in poking fun at former PNP Chief Cascolan’s appointment as undersecretary of the Department of Health.

Fortune tweeted that if symptoms persist consult da pulis.

While Dr. Raquel Fortun’s joke elicited laughter among her Dilawan followers, Dr. Ethel Pineda found the joke not funny.

In a Facebook post, Dr. Ethel replied by telling Dr. Fortun to go Camp Crame Hospital. Why? So that she will find out that there are policemen doctors. In V. Luna (AFP Hospital), she can find soldier doctors.

Dr. Ethel urges Dr. Fortun to stop this kind of stunt.

Because they look like f00ls.

As of this writing, Dr. Ethel’s post has generated 2,700+ reactions, 233 comments and 299 shares in just 19 hours and counting.

Here are some of the comments of netizens.

“Agree…Fortun is as ridiculous as Rowena Guanzon…they could be twins! She’s overrated …another ANGAT BANGKO minion. I swear she is often high on too much Formalin!” commented one person.

“Hala umabot sya (Fortun) sa ganyang edad na di nya alam na may mga ibat ibang Professionals na nasa military?! 😂 I was a med. Tech. intern at V. Luna (AFPMC) before and our training officer a registered med. Tech. and soldier. I considered entering before but things changed and I need to go abroad ASAP,” commented another person.

This netizen was serious and shared her experience with Camp Crame hospital.

“Sa hospital ng camp crame naoperahan ang anak ko. At Pulis po ang doctor nya! Maraming pulis na doctor. kaya sana wag silng shung shunga! May abogado pa nga na pulis e.”

You may now read Dr. Ethel Pineda’s brief response to Dr. Fortun’s tweet.

Pumunta ka sa Camp Crame Hospital. May mga pulis na doktor dun. Sa V. Luna may mga sundalong doktor din. Pili na!

Ihinto na kasi yung mga ganitong pa-bibo.

Mukha kayong engot.


Source: Ethel Pineda

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