Pwe! Netizen’s reaction to Cavite Governor’s boast Cavite 1st province in PH declared insurgency-free

If you’d recall, Cavite Governor Jonvic Remulla in his latest FB post boasted that Cavite “was the FIRST province in the Philippines awarded as “Insurgency Free” by several branches of the National Government.”

However, a certain netizen named Issa D. Gamboa in her Facebook post was not buying Remulla’s boast.

Gamboa noted that perhaps Gov Remulla must have forgotten that a certain EDELBERTO SILVA of NOC was arrested in Cavite sometime in 2015.

“While Gov Remulla is visibly out spoken about against the tarps to be placed in his turf. He probably forgotten that ADELBERTO SILVA, Secretary of the National Organization Commission (NOC) of the Executive Committee of the Party was arrested IN HIS TURF.”

BTW, a quick Google search showed that in 2010, the province of Cavite was declared insurgency-free by the AFP. [Link here]

So? If Cavite was already declared insurgency free in 2010, how do we reconcile the fact that in 2015, a high ranking CPP-NPA official was arrested in Cavite?

Confusing, right?

Moving forward, Gamboa alleged that Cavite is under the area of operations of the NPA’s Southern Tagalog Command. She asked Remulla whether he received reports of NPA cadres crossing over to his province via a famous hiking destination until it was closed years ago.

“Cavite is under the NPA’s Southern Tagalog Regional Party Committee’s (STRPC) area of operations. Tumatawid lang ng Pico de Lorro ang mga beshies natin diyan Boi, walang report?”

Pwe! This is the Filipino expression used by Gamboa to show her disdain for Gov. Remulla’s penchant for making woke statements on social media instead of focusing his energy and time in helping address the insurgency problem in Cavite.

“Instead the honorable (pwe!) Governor should focus his energy and time helping in addressing the insurgency in his AOR, he does a pa woke statement like this. Pwe, ulet!!”

Meanwhile, Issa Gamboa’s FB post elicited animated comments on the FB wall of Darwin Canete, where the latter shared it to his followers.

One netizen commented that Remulla needs to study his assignment well.: “Study your assignment well the great REMULLA! What a shame official’s with one ball’s….”

Another netizen joked that someone must have suffered instant amnesia. “Biglang nagka amnesia ang peg!”


Source: Issa D. Gamboa

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