Queen of Bardagulan offers tantalizing local alternative to Kakampinks wishing to leave the country because Marcos is the president but can’t afford

In the wake of the crushing defeat of the Leni-Kiko tandem and their allies vying for a seat or re-election in the senate, the supporters of the crushed Opposition are cursing the victors to the high heavens.

Some are even vocal in social media in expressing their desire to leave the country because they can’t just stand to live in a country run by their most hated enemies – the Marcoses and the Dutertes who will be running the political show in the next 12 years possibly.

Of course, not all Kakampinks have the finances to fly away to a country of their choosing and then return when Dilawans/Kakampinks regain power.

In that regard, Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu has offered a tantalizing proposition, albeit in jest, to the Kakampinks who wants to go somewhere but don’t have the means.

Krizette Chu’s FB post has been a huge hit among her followers, generating 26,951 reactions, 1,900 comments and 1,300 shares in 20 hours and still counting.

You may now read Krizette Chu’s very entertaining and witty FB post.

Ang suggestion ko po sa mga ibang Kakampink na galit na galit now, who are cursing the BBM voters and want them to suffer.

I understand that you hate this country now that gave BBM an overwhelming vote, so may I suggest a safe space for you.

Sa Pantao Ragat po, sa Lanao del Norte, purong Kakampink doon. All 9,842 votes for President–all, not majority, all–went to Leni Robredo. Di ba parang heaven? Shangri-La! Paradise! Garden of Eden.

So para sa mga wala pong pang migrate sa ibang bansa, pero may pang Lanao del Norte, Pantao Ragat is your home away from home.

A landlocked municipality in the coastal province of Lanao del Norte, spanning nearly 4 percent of the province’s area, Pantao has a grand population of 30,427–which means it can accommodate millions of you who do not want to reintegrate into society that has given BBM a chance to lead.

As it is not an urban hotspot, you can plan your excursions into the city. Fancy a jaunt to Marawi? You may see the new developments going there. Head on to Iligan, home to what I hear is really good lechon and ohemgeeeee, Maria Cristina Falls. There are so many beautiful places in Misamis Occidental where you can while your time away before you go home to your peaceful little Kakampink commune in Pantao Ragat.

I hear too that Pantao had 3.98kha of natural forest, which made up 70 percent of its land area, but deforestation rate is high in the area, but can you imagine how beautiful it must be.

So, please, instead of getting stressed, and cursing everyone around you to suffer, you may choose to find solace in the beauty of Pantao Ragat.

It’s more fun in the Pinklipphines, Pantao Raga



Source: Krizette Chu

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