QUIT WHILE ON TOP — Jun Abines on PRRD’s withdrawal from senate race

Jun Abines, a known Duterte supporter based in Cebu whose political analysis on Facebook has made him popular among the DDS, welcomed President Duterte’s decision to withdraw from the senatorial race with open arms.

Abines praised PRRD for making the logical choice and quitting while on top.

Abines wrote giving President Duterte another job of lesser magnitude is not the right way honoring great men like Duterte. Sending PRRD to another battlefront is not the proper to reward a war hero.

Instead, a long rest to give a war hero like PRRD the time to recuperate, heal his battle wounds and reflect, not just physically but emotionally as well is what the doctor prescribes.

In short, Abines believed that a rejuvenated PRRD can be of greater help to the next President and leaders of the country by sharing his invaluable wisdom and experience in tackling the challenges that lies ahead for him or her.


It did not surprise me at all. PRRD’s withdrawal from Senatorial race is the most logical thing to do. He needs to quit while on top.

We don’t honor a great man by giving him another work of lesser magnitude. We don’t reward a returning war hero by sending him back to another battle front.

Just like a battle scarred warrior from a brutal war, Tatay Digong needs to be restored. He is tired not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well. He has invisible wounds that needs to heal.

The President deserves a very long rest. He needs a long break, away from politics. So he can reflect and recalibrate his bearings. The man is just about to finish the most colorful Presidency in our country’s history. He has given us a leadership master piece for all the world to see!

We also need his wisdom and guidance as long as he lives. So let’s treat him like a fragile national treasure, by showering him with tender and delicate and care.

The problem of this country will never go away. PRRD needs to be spared from another 6 years of political war in the Senate. We should be thankful that a lowly Mayor from Davao have shown the world what exceptional leaders look like. He has raised the bar of what great leadership should be.

Let PRRD pass the throne to the next President and let them prove their worth. So PPRD can have time for himself, his family and loved ones.

We only borrowed him for 6 years. Let’s not be greedy.


Source: Jun Abines

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