Rabid anti-US, anti-Duterte youth leader Sarah Elago’s family, US residents?

According to the Pew Research Centre conducted in September 2017, 76% Filipinos say they trust the US more than any superpower in the world.

No wonder, many Filipinos dream of getting a green card or even multiple entry visa to the US if given the opportunity.

And if I were not mistaken, Kabataan Representative Sarah Jane Elago belongs to the remaining 24%, distrustful of the US.

The Filipina beauty but feisty youth leader made some waves on social media lately after threatening to stage more student walkouts on February 23. Link here.

On February 23, expect even more students to walk out of their classes to fight Duterte’s dictatorship and tyrannical attacks on the youth and the people.

Elago’s vocal criticism against Duterte and anti-US rhetorics made her more enemies on social media.

But irony of ironies, Sarah Jane Elago’s family is allegedly based in Guam, a US territory.

The allegation can be found in the Facebook post of Ahmed Paglinawan, a known Duterte supporter.

On Facebook, Paglinawan writes:

“Sarah Jane Elago’s family lives in US territory Guam?

And she’s mouthing off this anti-US rhetoric for communists?

Good going, girl. Magkano ba yang orocan face mo?

Bili rin ako.”

Paglinawan’s Facebook post has been eliciting varied reactions, mostly angry and sarcastic comments from netizens.

Netizen Tong Sandoval calls it, “Irony at it’s finest.”

Frank Ilacio describes Elago “fake” while hoping she won’t get a US visa, “kaplastikan ng babaeng ito. sana hindi ka mabigyan ng visa. letse.”

In light of the information, netizen Jack Ammo Amin sees an opportunity for Elago’s disqualification. “Maybe we should check with the US Embassy if she is a citizen of the US of A. Ground for disqualification manong.”

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