Racist remark of a Chinese teenager sparks anger among netizens

This racist remark of a Chinese teenager sparks anger among netizens, “‘We can’t buy referees, but we can buy a million Filipinos to clean our toilets.

racist statement draw fire from Pinoy

In fairness to the young man, this racist remark was clearly an offshoot of the insulting and equally racist remarks made by some netizens after the bitter loss of the Gilas Pilipinas to China. Below are the sample of tweets Pinoy netizens posted on twitter accusing the Chinese organizers for buying the referees.

The hashtag BEASTMODE PILIPINAS trended on twitter momentarily as the basketball crazy Pinoys expressed their disappointment over the loss of the Gilas Pilipinas; not because we can’t accept defeat but because of the bad officiating.

The bad officiating in the Fiba-Asia Finals was so bad that NBA.com can’t help but post the message below to sympathize with Gilas Pilipinas.


NBA’s reaction to the poor officiating during the FIBA Asia Finals.

Let’s check out the tweets of the Pinoys directed against the Chinese organizers and the referees.

This tweet is directed against the refs.

This one clearly stab a diss at the host country and the game organizers in particular.

Meanwhile, after the Chinese netizen posted this on instagram, Cesar Apolinario of GMA 7 reposted this on Facebook and elicited angry remarks from Filipinos:

This single post on instagram by the Chinese teen was re-posted by Cesar Apolinario of GMA News on Facebook eliciting angry responses from the netizens.

Pagkatapos ko nman linisin ang toilet, isasabay ko sa pag flush yan batang yan. Bubuhusan ko p ng asido pra luminis ng husto. Nangaano ka eh….

So sad that you have to pay someone to clean your toilet. You cant even clean your own shit!! I pity your parents for having a child with no manners. .


Kawawa nman ang mga magulang mo pinalaki kang walang modo, sabagay ano pa ba nman makikita mo sa mga magulang mo ie insikto nga kayo. Mas marumi kapa sa tae mo.

But a few netizens are mature enough to understand the immature post of the kid and wrote the comments below…

That is the reality…wag sumama ang loob nyo mga kapatid…kaya sa darating na botohan wag insik ang iboto…iboto natin yung may malasakit sa Pilipinas.. nuong panahon ni President Marcos may ganito bang pambabastos ng ibang lahi sa atin?… just saying opinyon ko lang ito..

Dahil yan sa mga politikong tiwali kaya yan puro insulto nalang inaabot ng mga pinoy tapos pati konting gamit ng ofw yayariin niyo pa….

Makes you see the importance of the single individual. While we think the nation defines who we are, the reciprocal case is true. We define our nation; Just like how this kid defined Philippines based on the Filipinos he encountered, and just like how we are defining his country based on him.

In my personal opinion, I think we should take this as a collective challenge to elect the kind of leaders that will lead this country to the road of prosperity; the kind leader of leader who will work hard to create more jobs for the people so that we won’t be the subject of insults as toilet cleaners, janitors or housemaids.

What’s your opinion about this?

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