Radio host alerts DDS and Marcos supporters demolition job from MVP group to destroy and diminish the popularity of VP Inday Sara Duterte?

The DDS or diehard Duterte supporters aren’t very assuming lot but VP Inday Sara Duterte is the consensus among Duterte and Marcos as the favorite to win in the 2028 presidential election.

Why the confidence? Well, 32 million+ Filipinos voted VP Inday Sara Duterte in the last election so that’s where the confidence of DDS is coming from.

Unless, she commits a political blunder that will make the majority of the 32 million Filipinos to change their minds and turn their backs against her, which IMO will never happen.

VP Inday Sara has learned a lot from ex-PRRD as a politician. Like her father, VP Sara isn’t stupid to commit a blunder to make the 32 million voters turn their backs on Inday Sara.

However, if you ask the supporters/sympathizers of VP Sara’s rival, that 32 million isn’t going to stop them from trying to slowly chip away VP Sara’s 32 million strong supporters.

The 32 million+ voters of VP Inday Sara Duterte is the Mt. Everest that her potential rival or rivals must climb and conquer if they wish to pull of a come from behind win in the 2028 election.

No wonder, the DDS vloggers and influencers believe that the camp of VP Inday Sara’s potential rival is starting very early to attempt to chip away her 32 million+ voters by discrediting her with black propaganda in the hope of diminishing her popularity to Filipino voters.

DDS vlogger and influencer Mark Lopez took to Facebook to give Duterte supporters an example what I was trying to explain but failed. Lol.

You may now read Mark Lopez’s FB post below to get a better grasp of what VP Sara’s potential rival or rivals are trying to achieve.

Propaganda 101 by the Philstar group of Manny Pangilinan

“How to destroy and diminish the popularity of Vice President Inday Sara Duterte”

First, slant a news related to current work of VP Sec Inday, and paint it as very negative. Even as ang sinabi ng DepEd eh they made the effort to include the budget of SPeD, hindi ito naisama sa NEP. But they will make sure to source and allocate funds.

Pero itong ImpactLeadershipPH quote card? ”WALANG BUDGET FOR SPECIAL LEARNERS with DISABILITY!”

Tapos ang icing sa agitpropaganda? Kahit ibang DepEd official ang na-quote, ang ipa-plaster at ibabandera ay ang photo ni VP Inday.

Ang galeng galeng ni MVP group talaga! Ang agap ng demolition job!


Source: Mark Lopez

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