Radio host asks socmed in sarcastic tone: “Nakakabilib talaga ang kamandag ni Gabby Lopez ano?” Read why!

“Nakakabilib talaga ang kamandag ni Gabby Lopez ano?”

This is essentially the question posed by radio host Mark Lopez to his socmed followers to make his point that the senators have been acting like they are his puppets.

In a Facebook post titled “SENSELESS”, Lopez laid out his arguments why he thinks that Gabby Lopez has been calling the shots even when he is somewhere in the US.

Lopez shared his observation in the senate floor yesterday wherein the senators were trying to outdo one another to show the public how concerned they were to ABS-CBN’s status. “Kahapon, hindi mapakali ang Senado at kailangan makita sa TV na concerned na concerned sila sa status ni ABS CBN.”

Lopez remarked the senators pretended they had a contentious debate going and interpellation and then passed a non-bearing resolution. “Kunwari meron pang contentious debate at interpellation sabay pasa ng isang walang bearing na resolution.”

“They have to “express the sense of the Senate” to ask the NTC to grant provisional authority to ABS CBN beyond its franchise,” Lopez added.

Lopez jeered at the Senators led by the wide-awake Drilon who were in full force on nationwide broadcast. “At kailangan talaga full force sila on nationwide broadcast. Sa pangunguna ni Franklin Drilon na gising na gising, kailangan pakitang gilas. Committed na committed at engaged na engaged.”

At this juncture, Lopez said he was very impressed with Gabby Lopez’s venom for casting spells on all senators figuratively speaking. “Nakakabilib talaga ang kamandag ni Gabby Lopez ano? Isipin mo napapaikot nya ang mga Senador in that manner.”

Amazing!” Lopez exclaimed.

Lopez lamented that none of the senators mentioned Alchie Paray, the security guard who held hostages because of injustices and abuse along his line of work. “Tapos, wala man ni isa man lang sa kanila ang nagbanggit kay Alchie Paray, ang security guard na nang hostage dahil sa injustice and abuse sa kanyang line of work.”

To think na valid ang mga pinaglalaban nya.” Lopez remarked.

Lopez reasoned that Paray is not the owner of a giant media empire hence the snub from the likes of Poe and Drilon. “Pero dahil hindi naman sya may ari ng isang higanteng media empire, “who you?!!! ” sya sa mga katulad ni Grace Poe at Frank Drilon.”

Lopez ended the post calling the senators’ behavior “Mas amazing!” in a sarcastic tone, followed it up with a crisp cuss words. “Putangina talaga!”

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Source: Mark Lopez

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