Radio host calling Lacson-Sotto tandem “team Pis0t” amuses netizens, trends on FB

Radio host and blogger Mark Lopez just opened a thread on Facebook to see how netizens react to the Lacson-Sotto tandem for the 2022 election.

“Ping Lacson (President) and Tito Sotto (Vice President) tandem was formally announced.”

Lopez pretended to cheer of the Lacson-Sotto team.

Sabi nga ni Papi Tom Berenguer,
Go team PiSot!

As of this writing, Lopez’s FB post has generated 4,210 reactions, 330 comments and 57 shares in less than 2 hours and counting. Out of the 4,000+ reactions, 3,400+ netizens hit the laugh emoji on FB.

Netizens shared their different take on the Lacson-Sotto tandem by commenting on the thread.

This netizen thinks Lacson-Sotto tandem is there to get a share of the Duterte votes and hope the real opposition bet will manage to squeak out a close win over the admin bet.

“They are entering the race to hopefully get some of the votes of duterte for the opposition to have a chance to win. They are not in the race to win it.”

To which another netizen replied: “Possible strategy but either the administration or the opposition. Both of them are opposition their votes will be divided in favor of the administration candidates.”

This netizen doubts Lacson-Sotto tandem will help the real Opposition bet manage a close win over the admin bet.

“I believe what you said is true but I don’t think they can divide the electorate enough to make a dent in the solid DU30 votes.”

Another commented that if ever there is a split of votes, that would surely happen to the Opposition not the other way around. “pwede din na ang oposisyon p ang mahati ksi wl nman maniniwala sa kanila ung track record nila ay pahabaan lng ng taon sa senado pero ala accomplishment na nkakatulong sa masa at ung makita mo sa dlawang mata”

One netizen scoffed at the idea that the Lacson-Sotto tandem will divide the administration vote and help the Opposition bet: “Pampagulo. Them running won’t help the chances of the opposition.#teamPisotsaInidoro#dreamonyellows

This netizen was even more harsh on Lacson and quickly dismissed his chances: “Nag kandidato na si Lacson for vice presidential race, natalo presidential race pa, forever ka nang talunan. Panggulo lang mga yan.”

This netizen said he now understand why Lacson keeps attacking the admin.

“Kaya pala panay banat paninira sa gobyerno,kapal din ng mga mukha.”


Source: Mark Lopez

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