Radio host calls Leni Robredo ‘pathetic’ after linking up with Yorme Isko in Manila’s vax drive?

Radio host and blogger Mark Lopez took a jab at VP Leni Robredo teaming up with Yorme Isko Moreno to inoculate Manilenos via the OVP’s vaccine express program.

Lopez said as a Bicolano, Robredo should have been more active in helping the vaccine rollout in her native Bicol if the intent was really to help.

“One would have thought that Leni Robredo should have been more active in promoting the vaccine rollout in her native Bicol, if the intent really is to help our people.”

“I mean, the optics would have been more positive, especially in terms of literally boosting the campaign for vaccination outside of the urban areas, and ensuring representation for the regions,” Lopez reckoned.

Instead, Robredo chose to partner with the popular Yorme Isko Moreno, which Lopez alleged is a desperate attempt to win the hearts of Isko’s supporters to stay politically relevant.

“But no, she would rather pair herself with a popular Mayor in a desperate move to endear her to Isko’s following, and remain relevant.”

In other words, Lopez accused Robredo of riding on the popularity of Yorme Isko rather than help fellow Bicolanos.

“Mas pinili nya makisakay at makisawsaw sa popularidad ni Isko kesa talagang tumulong sa mga kababayan nya sa Bicol.”

Lopez called Robredo pathetic for seeking partnership with a local executive instead of the other way around simply because Yorme was more popular and many people preferred Isko over her.

“Tapos, siya ang VP na national ang scope pero sya ang umaamo at nakikisambit sa isang local executive, kasi mas sikat at mas gusto ng tao kesa sa kanya.”

Lopez’s sentiment has been shared by his FB followers who did not hesitate to lash at Leni Robredo.

“I am from CamSur, till now there is no vaccine roll out yet in our town and covid cases are rising. Wtf she is doing in Manila? 🤬

“Nakikisawsaw s vaccine roll out eh kahit yung binakuna sa kanya Wala nmn sya ambag🤣

“Bakit di niya gawin sa Naga City. Hometown niya yun at maraming di pa bakunado dun.”

“At talaga palang dinedma nya ung panawagan na tumulong sa bicol dahil mas sila nangangailangan ng tulong kesa makisawsaw sa davao na willing daw xa tumulong 😂 tapos ngaun sa maynila namn xa makikisawsaw, kamusta namn kayung mga taga Bicol? Wala talagang pakealam sa inyo kababayan nyong si MaDUMB Leni”


Source: MARK MY WORD by Mark Lopez

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