Radio host calls out Senators for double standard, calls ’em “KAPALMUKS” after screenshot of De Lima’s tweet circulates on social media

One of the reasons some of our Filipino brothers in the hinterlands are duped into joining the NPA’s is because of social injustice in the country.

The poor have laws to follow while the rich and the powerful have their own sets of rules.

The perfect example is the case of detained Senator Leila de Lima.

Good thing we have the likes of radio host Mark Lopez who ranted against the double standard of our Senators, whom he described as publicity hungry because they like talk to the press to denounce against so-called law violators but mum when it involves a fellow senator.

Lopez was bitching about detained Senator De Lima who managed to enjoy special privileges like access to the internet and social media while in detention.

Lopez took a jab at senators who are mum, as of this writing, in light of the screenshot of De Lima’s tweet circulating online, as proof that a detained senator is enjoying a special privilege like access to social media (twitter) and of course, to phone and internet.

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However, Lopez pointed out, when heinous convicts were caught enjoying the privilege of free men, the senators wasted no time in decrying the special treatments accorded to Bilibid prisoners, in the pretense of fighting for the family of the victims.

Lopez asked if that was because De Lima is a senate colleague that’s why it’s okay but not okay for ordinary people?

Lopez recalled the ex-senator Trillanes incident, who ran to the senate to elude the arresting officers when an arrest warrant was issued against him and turned it into a hotel, courtesy of the taxpayers money, the senators did nothing but against ordinary Filipinos, these senators will suddenly find the courage to face the camera and decry unfair treatment.

But when against their colleague, these senators will be the first to issue statements saying there should be courtesy, supposedly, no arrest should be made inside the chamber and accorded with the courtesy and special detention facility, separate from ordinary detainees, allowed to hold teleconference while in detention etc…

And then, releases a shit statement to the press, finger-pointing and blaming other people when the implementation of the law they crafted went south, but come to think of it, they are also law violators and refuses to submit to the rule of law?

Lopez ended the FB post calling them senators shameless and thick-faced!

Check out Mark Lopez’s full FB post below.


Hindi nga, ano bang klaseng HUSTISYA meron tayo dito sa Pilipinas, at bakit ang isang dapat na nakakulong na senador eh nakakapag engage pa sa social media?

Kayong mga pabibong senador jan na kung maka drama kayo ng injustice sa special treatment sa mga heinous crimes convicts, at mga nag iinarte pa na kunwari eh pinaglalaban ang mga pamilya ng mga biktima, bakit dito nganga kayo?

Dahil ba kapwa nyo senador eh puede yan pero sa ordinaryong tao hindi?

Yung isang dating senador nyo, nung nagka warrant of arrest, ginawa pang hotel yang Senate, at ginastusan pa ng taxpayer, tapos kayong mga kasama, pinaikutan lang kayo at wala kayong magawa pero sa mga ordinaryong tao, ang tatapang nyo at lintek ang paporma nyo sa harap ng camera!

Pero pag kauri nyo, nangunguna pa kayo na dapat may courtesy, dapat hindi arestuhin sa loob ng chamber, dapat bigyan ng konsiderasyon, dapat may special detention at hindi ihalo sa mga ibang preso, dapat payagan makapag tele conference kahit nasa detention, at kung ano ano pang kaputahan…

Tapos maglalabas kayo ng mga lecheng press release at ang galing nyo mag turo at manisi kapag palpak ang pag implement ng batas, pero kayo mismo eh mga pasaway?!!!


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Source: Mark Lopez

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