Radio host calls out video uploader of “slumped man” on the pavement in Manila he labeled Chinese & infected with nCOV, turned out he was a drunk Korean

Remember the viral video of a slumped man on the pavement in Taft, Manila said to be Chinese and infected with nCOV?

Radio host Mark Lopez was furious after police investigation showed that the alleged Chinese national infected with the dreared nCOV turned out to be a drunk Korean national.

Lopez couldn’t help but sought the reaction of the video uploader of the viral video that alarmed thousands of Filipinos who’ve watched it.

Guess what Mr Zaldy Bao Maguigad?

Lopez, in emphatic tone, informed Maguigad that the hysterical video he shared on social media whom he recklessly identified the slumped man on the pavement as an infected Chinese national turned out be a drunk Korean national.

Yung kinalat mo na hysterical video mo where you recklessly identified a slumped man on the pavement as an infected Chinese person, turned out to be a KOREAN who was simply DRUNK!

Lopez asked if Maguigad did realize the repercussion of his irresponsible action?

Did you realize the unfounded panic and fear that you have caused?

Lopez asked Maguigad for his comment.

Ano ngayon ang masasabi mo Sir?

Lopez told Maguigad that if he really wanted to help, he should have limit himself to helping the guy. Even asking for help, that would have been okay.

Alam mo Boss, kung tulong ang intensyon mo i-limit mo na lang sana dun, kahit sa video. Nag ask ka lang ng tulong. Ok sana yun.

But to label someone and to assume that the slumped person was infected with the virus (nCOV) plus his overly dramatic and sensationalized posture was very annoying. What he did was irresponsible and reckless.

Pero mag label ka and mag assume na yung tao eh infected ng virus, tapos overly dramatic and sensationalized yung posture mo eh yun ang nakaka pikon. NAPAKA IRESPONSABLE PO AT NAPAKA RECKLESS NG GINAWA MO BOSS.

Lopez addressed the public, that in this kind of situation, if you were not a trained emergency responder, the best thing to do is call 911 or report to the nearest police outpost or barangay.

Peeps, sa mga ganyan situation, kundi po tayo trained emergency responder eh the bst thing to do is call 911 or report to the nearest police outpost or baranggay.

Lopez also asked a certain Ms. Ana Lea Bestid Emilio for her comment?

Your reaction to this?

Source: Mark Lopez

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