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Radio host calls YouTuber Bretman Rock “paid hack”, to feed off non-organic anti-gov’t narrative of Opposition

YouTuber Bretman Rock has earned the ire of netizens, especially radio host and blogger Mark Lopez for accusing the Duterte government of abandoning the people of Cagayan Valley, leaving many families camping on their rooftops to save their dear lives from the floodwaters.

Radio host and blogger Mark Lopez reprimanded the YouTuber for his insensitive statement.

Lopez called out Rock on Facebook, urging the YouTuber to take the time to read and educate himself to the fact that government workers stake their lives every time they respond to calamities.

“Please take time to read below so that your most insensitive and clueless soul will have an idea of how our government workers are responding to the calamity, by staking their very own lives.”

Lopez informed Bretman Rock that three government workers were lost at the time he was writing for responding to their call of duty.

“We have lost three, and are frantically searching for two more who courageously answered their call of duty.”

Lopez remarked that Bretman Rock’s assertion about the Duterte government is abominable and enraging for having the gall to issue such statement without knowing the realities on the ground.

“It is abominable what you have asserted about our government, and enraging that you have the temerity to say that when you don’t know what really is happening.”

From one influencer to another, Lopez said Bretman could have done some research because he has all the tools at his disposal and arrived with an informed opinion.

“Being an influencer, you have all the tools and technology available at your disposal to gather facts, and make an informed opinion.”

Lopez lamented Bretman does not really care at all.

“But obviously, you do not really care at all, or are concerned about the Philippines.”

Lopez can’t help but accused Bretman of being a paid hack of the Opposition.

“You were just hired to feed off the orchestrated anti-government narrative, and add to that contrived hate and anger.”

In other words, Lopez concluded Bretman was in it for the moolah.

“In short, you are a just a famewhore who is in it for the money.”


Source: Mark Lopez

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