Radio host digs up 2004 document, shares interesting facts about CPP/NPA’s “K*LL TAG” vs Risa Hontiveros’ Akbayan group

According to the document dug up by radio host Mark Lopez, the Left and the CPP/NPA has been playing this so-called tagging game as early as 2004.

On Facebook, Lopez wrote:

“Peeps, let me share with you a published material back in 2004, when the Akbayan Group of Walden Bello and Etta Rosales claimed they were tagged in a HIT LIST that was supposedly released by CPP-NPA-NDF.”

Lopez can’t help but called Risa Hontiveros’ attention, to remind her it was her group (AKBAYAN) that outed their leaders were on the K*LL TAG list of the CPP/NPA/NDF.

“Yes, Risa Hontiveros, yung grupo nyo eh nag lantad na ang mga lider nyo eh na K*LL TAG daw ng CPP-NPA-NDF.”

Lopez added that Hontiveros’ group made several revelations including to the atrocities of what her group called the “real” terrorists.

“At marami pa kayo nilabas na mga rebelasyon tungkol sa gawain ng sinasabi nyong mga tunay na terorista.”

Lopez stressed that Hontiveros’ group had already confirmed long ago what the military has been saying lately versus the NPA.

“In other words, noon pang 2004 your group has already condemned and outed the CPP-NPA-NDF and its atrocities and crimes against us Filipinos.”

Lopez lustily shared the link below to the document he was talking about.

To continue reading, you may visit the link below now.

Here is the link

Lopez alerted the public that Akbayan (Risa Hontiveros group) is a breakaway group of the CPP/NPA, lending credence to what it said against the CPP/NPA since 2004.

“Ayan peeps, yang Akbayan is a breakaway group ng CPP-NPA-NDF kaya they probably know what they are talking about.”

Lopez remarked that as early as 2004, they started the tagging game.

“And 2004 pa yan sila naglaglagan at nuon pa lang, mahilig na sila mag tagging.”

Who would have thought? Lopez asked. They are angry at RED TAGGING but they, the NPA are worse because they do K*LL T@GGING.

“Akalain mo ano? Galit sa Red Tagging pero sila sa CPP-NPA-NDF, mas malala dahil K*LL TAGGING ang ginagawa.”

“Pilipino laban sa kapwa Pilipino,” Lopez lamented.

Lopez said it is just right to help the government end the atrocities of the CPP-NPA-NDF and their enablers.

“Kaya nararapat lang talaga na tulungan natin ang gobyerno natin na matapos na ang paghahasik ng karahasan at pansasalot ng lipunan ng CPP-NPA-NDF at pati na ang mga enablers nito.”

“Now is the time,” Lopez remarked with determination.

PS… Thank you to a dear friend from mainstream media who alerted me on this. Salamat sa tunay na malasakit sa bayan! 🇵🇭)


Source: Mark Lopez

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