Radio host exposes Kapamilya Network’s sudden generosity in Showtime, warns public not to fall for this drama – nothing but to win public sympathy

Allegedly, Showtime has been very generous lately to their contestants. One contestant went home P1M richer. Another one went home to a new address after winning a house and lot.

Radio host Mark Lopez took to Facebook to warn the public not to fall for the charm offensive of Kapamilya, which he said is just a ploy to gain public sympathy amid their franchise renewal troubles.

In a Facebook post titled, “PILING LUCKY”, Lopez said this is indeed the style of Kapamilya Network, to shove into our faces that it is that easy to buy the dignity of Filipinos. “Alam nyo ganyan talaga style ni Kapamilya Network ano, yung ipapamukha talaga nila na madali lang bilhin ang dignidad ng Pilipino…”

Lopez remarked this is because the Kapamilya network is feeling they are the aggrieved party, they are flexing their Oligarchic financial might. Dahil agrabyado sila ngayon, syempre flex nila ang kanilang oligarchic financial might.

Lopez quizzed netizens what does elitists do? Of course, Lopez said, elitist (Kapamilya) would plaster the poor and the people in the fringes of society with money. Ano nga ginagawa ng mga matapobre? Syempre mantatapal ng salapi sa mga dukha at mga nasa laylayan.

Lopez, in a mocking tone, said that ABS-CBN can still say they are doing this in the service of the Filipino after insulting the Filipinos with their money . “Tapos kunwari, ‘IN THE SERVICE OF THE FILIPINO.'”

Lopez concluded the brief FB post by calling this a vicious cycle. It’s a vicious cycle, really…

One netizen confirmed what Mark Lopez heard that Showtime has been very generous lately. “Napansin ko din po yun. Nakita ko recently andaming nananalo ng malakihan sa kanila, all for the purpose of buying sympathy and support of the people so they won’t shut down. Mga letsugas! 🤨 “

Another netizen confirmed the reports reaching Lopez and he called this a desperate move by the network. “Pansin ko rin yan. Binabalita pa yan sa TV Patrol. Hahahaha. Style dilawan. Desperate moves.”

“A vicious cycle indeed, and promotes mendicancy. That is why they must go. Away with you!” wrote another and said this must be stopped.

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Source: Mark Lopez

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