Radio host Mark Lopez agrees with critics “TRANSPORT CRISIS” in PH is real, but started in 2014, not during Duterte admin, shows proof from NY Times

For the nth time, radio host Mark Lopez defended the Duterte government from criticism on social media that the country is facing a transport crisis.

Lopez admitted indeed there is a transport crisis as claimed by Duterte critics like Renato Reyes of Anakbayan and GMA News analyst Richard Heydarian.

However, Lopez was quick to point out that the so-called TRANSPORT CRISIS the Duterte critics are crying out loud on social media did not happen only during the Duterte administration.

Lopez said the TRANSPORT CRISIS started in 2014 when Duterte was not even the President yet.

He cited two old articles from the New York Times in 2014 and Business Mirror in 2015 as proof that he is not making this up.

Lopez remarked that even Javad (Richard Heydarian) starred in the New York times article.

Lopez urged the netizens to read the Business Mirror article which described as very extensive and in-depth article discussing the country’s transport crisis.

On other words, the transport crisis that the Duterte critics have been using as their mantra in their anti-Duterte attacks isn’t new.

Lopez couldn’t hide his frustration at people making dramas and attack the government by claiming there is a transport crisis when the Duterte admin is doing something about to fix it.

Lopez took a jab at Renato Reyes, asking him where was he in 2014? Lopez answered his own question saying that Reyes was leading a rally and after that, he went to S&R to do his grocery. And until now, Reyes is still into rallies.

Meanwhile, Lopez also took a shot at elites complaining about transport crisis who have purchased 3 cars to avoid coding. And now they have the gall to complain about transport crisis!

You may read Mark Lopez original article below.


2014 pa lang, highlighted na ang massive problem about infrastructure in the Philippines which is brought about by POOR and INADEQUATE TRANSPORTATION, among others.

International news na yan.

Maski si Javad na extra pa jan sa article na yan, kaya huwag sya mag inarte ngayon kagaya ng mga bwakangina jan na akala mo eh ngayon lang naabala.

Basahin nyo din yang Businessworld 2015 article. Ayan balansyadong pag himay sa issue. Malinaw na malaking malaki ang problema sa transportation at traffic, pati na din ang iba png infra.

Tapos ngayon na may ginagawa na ang gobyerno, ngayon kayo mag da drama at babanat na may crisis na?!!!

Nasan ba kayo nuon? Ayun nag ra rally tapos pupunta ng S&R para mag grocery. Hanggang ngayon rally pa din.

Yung iba jan na elitistang reklamador, ayun bumili ng 3 kotse para iwas coding. Tapos ngayon kung maka ‘crisis’ wagas?

Gago pala kayo eh.

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Source: Mark Lopez

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