Radio host Mark Lopez believes he just found Leni Robredo’s math teacher from Ateneo after this guy was interviewed on TV

Remember Leni Robredo’s 40 x 4 = 1600 math fail?

Well, some people on social media have been wondering who was Robredo’s math teacher since the day she made the embarrassing blunder on national TV.

But thanks to radio host and blogger Mark Lopez who obviously did not rest until he found Leni Robredo’s math teacher.

Lopez was TV surfing yesterday while waiting for Duterte’s SONA to start when Ateneo Dean Antonio La Viña appeared on TV.

Lopez joked that he came to realize who Leni’s math teacher was after listening to La Viña talked on TV.

Read the post below to understand what I am trying to say.

Mga peeps, natukoy na po kung sino ang mathematics professor/adviser ni Leni…

Yes po, sya po si Antonio La Viña, isang dean sa Ateneo.

Sya po ung nagkakalat kahapon sa ABS CBN na 40,000 daw yung nag participate sa anti-Duterte rally.

Yan din po ung professor na mahilig gumamit sa mga katagang “massacre of the poor” dun sa anti-drug war at kahapon eh gusto din bansagan ang SONA ng kung ano anong meaning, tulad ng “State of National Anxiety” o “State of National Anarchy.”

In short, mahilig manakot at manlinlang…

Lopez’s revelation has been getting mixed reactions among his FB followers.

Cesar Alvarez

“Dean pala to. Hahahaha. Buti may naniniwala dito.”

Eric Alo

“Another idiot.
This guy should have a lifetime supply of condom.
Mahirap dumami ang mga ulol”

Don Hontiveros

“Walang 40K yun,nadaanana namin eh haha”

Nyge Gram

“wow ogok na professor baka sa kalye lng yan paano naging 40,000 ang 15,000 anti duterte rally mo cge nga pki total parang wala pa sa kalahati ang total mo ogok”

Raul Tolentino Jr went to a great length to debunk La Vina’s claim by coming up with his own mathematical computation.

Definitely does not know math.

It is physically impossible to fit more than one person in an area that is 12 inches x 12 inches or one square foot.

They occupied the 3 innermost lanes which is 8 feet per lane or 24 feet across.

The line is 25 car lengths long or (25 cars x 12 feet per car) 300 feet long.

This means the whole area they occupy is only 7,200 square feet.

Assuming the protesters OCCUPY EVERY SQUARE FOOT (they did not) of that area, the max number possible is only 7,200 protestors.

As of this writing, 1,500 people reacted to Lopez’s post, 874 people shared and 387 commented on it.

Your thoughts?