Radio host Mark Lopez clashes with veteran actor Jaime Fabregas on the issue of mandatory ROTC. Pick your side by commenting down below

On the mandatory ROTC to Senior High School students, veteran actor Jaime Fabregas believed that ROTC is unnecessary if you teach our children to love their country.

Teaching our children to love our country won’t need us to send them to ROTC because their love for country will move our children/youths to defend her with everything they have.

This assertion by veteran actor Jaime Fabregas is rejected by radio host and vlogger Mark Lopez.

In a very brief FB post, Lopez called Jaime Fabregas “tanga” for believing love of country will suffice in inspiring the youths/children to defend our country from foreign invaders.

Lopez said love of country can only do so much but inspire our children to defend her. But ROTC will enable our children to defend themselves from invaders or attackers.

Lopez rebuttal to Jaime Fabregas assertion has been favored by his FB followers.

One netizen articulated a strong argument why ROTC is necessary for our children in case of foreign invasion.

Dear Jaime Fabregas…. The reason you train at ROTC is so that it would be the invader who will die for his country and not you.

This is echoed by another commenter that ROTC will help our youths defend the country from invaders and love of country can only do so much.

It is difficult to defend the country by mere loving if you have no trainings, knowledge and skills in warfare.

Another netizen expounded what Mark Lopez was trying to say to Jaime Fabregas.

Its true parents, teachers should teach their children, students to love this country…but are they doing this or they’re doing the opposite instead? And besides its not enough to love your country in order to defend her. How can you defend a country by merely loving her? It needs proper basic military training in order to defend this nation in times of armed conflict and other similar situations. That is why they need to undergo ROTC to acquire basic military skills and knowledge and instill discipline and order in this country.

Meanwhile, some netizens argue that ROTC is not only about teaching our children how to defend the country but instilling discipline which he said is lacking these days among our children.

Right you are but ROTC is not at all defending country, it also teaches us about discipline which is s big factor for the progress of our country! Look at our children right now as compared to the time when ROTC was taught in school, just be honest to yourself. I know you know which is better.

To which another netizen replied: ROTC is not only for defending our country, it’s for disaster preparedness, quick response and rescue operation training also.

You may now read Mark Lopez’s original FB post below.



ROTC will enable our CHILDREN to DEFEND themselves from those who will attack HER.


Source: Mark Lopez

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