Radio host Mark Lopez declares the Philippines is FREE AT LAST, liberated from the shackles of corruption and indifference under President Duterte

Radio host Mark Lopez declared on Facebook that the Philippines under the Duterte administration is free at last.

Wait. Why? Are we not free since the Americans granted the country independence in 1946?

Of course, we were free as a country since 1946 but Lopez is talking a different kind of free.

Lopez was referring to free tuition in all SUCs (State Universities and Colleges), free irrigation and free hospitalization and medicines for the poor via Universal Health Care.

Ok, I get it.

In addition, Lopez said that the Duterte admin’s Build, Build, Build program has given Filipinos new roads, bridges, airports, seaports, railways and land transport hubs and terminals.

There are also new trains, planes and marine vessels. Military hardware has been upgraded and of course police capabilities.

The good news keeps coming in and salaries and take-home pay of government workers were increased.

Meanwhile, the ease of doing business and radical changes in basic citizen requirements like 10-year passports, 5-year driver license and national ID were introduced, Lopez boasted.

Lopez remarked all these costs the government billions of pesos.

Lopez asked if all these are really free for use and enjoyment of Filipinos? Lopez answered “YES” and that the target recipients will really these for free which they should.

If you were wondering where did the Duterte admit get the money to fund these free services, Lopez answered this money came from the people, in the form of taxes. This is the hard-earned money that was obligated to the government in order to give back and provide for the welfare of its citizens, Lopez explained.

“This is your income tax, your VAT when you buy items or avail of services, and these are other fees surcharges and dues that your government is collecting from you and me. Lopez added.

If you were wondering again why in the previous administrations, Filipinos did not get to enjoy all these free services and what not, Lopez said the taxpayers’ money were being handled carelessly and abused wantonly by greedy, callous and selfish public servants.

But under the Duterte admin, things are different now because the taxpayers’ money that is being put to use where it should really be used. Now, it will no longer be a painful ritual to pay our taxes.

“Whereas before we have been clamoring and dreaming of these public services, we can only pray that it happens. And now our prayers have been answered,” Lopez declared with pride in one’s voice.

In other words, we really have a government NOW that genuinely cares.

Lopez succinctly puts it that “the poor and the public (taxpayer), in a sense and in a way, have both been liberated from the shackles of corruption and indifference.”


Do you agree with Mark?

Source: Mark Lopez

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