Radio host Mark Lopez decries Renato Reyes’ declaring transport crisis, says Marcos had master plan but nothing happened after 1984 LRT inauguration

Transport crisis?

This is the title of the FB post of radio host and pro-Duterte blogger Mark Lopez in response to statements on social media of leftist leader Renato Reyes and their supporters that the country is suffering a transport crisis.

Lopez chided Reyes and his pals for not putting the discourse in the proper context? Is it because their objective is to fool the public and get mad at Duterte?

Lopez offered to give Reyes the proper context of the transport problem in the country.

Lopez began by saying that when Saturday Night Fever or in the 70’s was the fad, there was already a transport master plan.

In fact, Lopez said, from 1973-1990, there were already 3 master plans prepared – Urban Transport Study in Manila Metropolitan Area (UTSMMA), Metro Manila Transport Land Use & Development Planning Project (MMEMETROPLAN) and Metro Manila Urban Transport Improvement Project (MMUTIP).

Lopez urged the public and Reyes to check it on Google.

Lopez remarked that he was writing this to highlight that as early as 70’s, there was already a plan for an efficient mass transport system in the Philippines.

In fact, the LRT 1 was borne out of that.

Lopez informed netizens the LRT 1 was planned in 1977 and opened and inaugurated on December 1984.

Lopez said there’s more.

Lopez asked the public if they know that aside from LRT 1, 6 more rapid trains lines were in the pipeline that should have been built?

Lopez went on to enumerate the 6 rapid train lines:

– Line 1 (27.1 km) – from Construction Hill to Talon via central Quezon Boulevard, Manila downtown and the International Airport

– Line 2 (36.0 km) – from Novaliches to Cainta via Manila downtown and Pasig

– Line 3 (24.3 km) – Along Highway 54 (C-4): half a circle route about 12 km from Manila downtown

– Line 4 (30.1 km) – From Marikina to Zapote via Cubao, Manila downtown and the Manila Bay area

– Line 5 (17.6 km) – From Meycauayan to Manila downtown running between Line No. 2 and PNR

– PNR improvement (56.4 km) – From Bocaue to Muntinglupa via Tutuban Station.

Lopez urged the readers to check the image and see that those 6 projects were already mapped out for Metro Manila below for reference.

Lopez slammed Reyes for saying the government has no masterplan to address the transport problem hounding the Duterte admin presently.

Lopez asked what happened after the LRT was inaugurated in 1984?

Lopez answered, “Cory Aquino happened” and then rest his case.

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Source: Mark Lopez

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