Radio host Mark Lopez hits double standards of mainstream media for mocking President Duterte’s loose tie while meeting Russian PM

Staunch Duterte supporter radio host Mark Lopez has called out local the media for their hypocrisy and double standards.

A perplexed Lopez wondered why the mainstream media would bother to pick up the tweet of anti-Putin Czech journalist who nitpicked President Duterte’s lousy appearance compared to Russian PM Medvedev during their one-on-one meeting.

Lopez lamented that since the local media found an opportunity to attack Pres. Duterte, form to them now matters. He described this attitude as typical dilawan hypocrites.

Why? Because not so long ago, these dilawan media men were also praises for former Uruguay President because he showed up in public appearances wearing crumpled shirts and shoes without socks.

The local media men said that the form of the leaders is not important but the substance, dedication work and the noble intention.

Lopez recalled these local reporters praying and hoping that someday the Philippines will have a leader in the mold of Uruguay’s Mujica.

Fast forward today, the country’s President is Duterte who happens to be a mirror image of Mujica and yet, the local media wants Duterte to dress properly and not an embarrassment to the world.

You may read Mark Lopez’s original article below.


Oh sure, sige sakyan nyo yung banat nung Anti-Putin na Czech journalist sa “lousy” appearance ni President Rody Duterte compared kay Russian PM Medvedev.

So ngayon, dahil nakakita kayo ng opportunity to attack, eh it matters na ngayon ang FORM? Typical dilawan hypocrites.

Pero kayo din yung mga puring puri nuon kay dating Uruguay President Josè Mujica because of his maverick and non-conforming manner?

Kayo yung palakpak na hindi importante ang porma sa isang lider kundi ang substance. Na di baleng walang medyas at lukot lukot ang damit dahil mas importante ang intensyon at dedication sa trabaho…

Di ba halos nangawit ang mga baba nyo sa paghanga kay Mujica because he defied convention, especially in protocol and the trappings of power?

Di ba panay pa ang dasal at panalangin nyo noon na sana magkaron din ng isang Josè Mujica ang Pilipinas

Pero dahil si Duterte yan eh ibang usapan. Dapat pumorma bilang statesman at nakakahiya lalu at itinabi sa mga liders ng superpower.

Di nga, ang husay talaga ng double standards nyo…

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